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Endangered species

No description

Megan Hong

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Endangered species

Endangered Species
By: The Unratchets Myat Wai, Megan Hong, Kaylee Shaw, Angel Tam Species of animals or plants are becoming endangered if it is at risk of disappearing from Earth.
When they disappear, they are gone forever, or extinct.
They can't reappear again if they become extinct How Do We Know There's a Problem? Since 1600, more than 700 species of plants and animals have gone extinct.
These are only species that are known to us, we don't know how many undiscovered species have been lost.
There are 400 endangered species in the U.S., and 130 threatened.
Worldwide, 500 endangered and 39 threatened. Endangered Species In California 157 animals in California are endangered
180 plants in California are endangered
ANIMALS- Riparian Brush Rabbit, Desert Tortoise, Wolverine, Kangaroo Rats, and the Blue Whale
PLANTS- Dwarf Golden Star, Sonoma Sunshine, Yosemite Onion, and Marsh Sand wort The Problem How it effects
the world Solution of the Problem Causes of the PROBLEM Effects of the problem -species will go extinct Laws relating to endangered species Endangered Species Act (ESA) -when a species is endangered, it is illegal to kill, harm, or take the species out of its habitat -symbiotic relationships are destroyed -As species go extinct, we loose opportunities. -we use many plants and animals as food sources, supplies, materials
-40% of our medicine is made from things found in nature -will affect other species in the community and ecosystem -genetic diversity is decreasing -plants and animals that depend on each other will all go extinct (for example: insects that help pollinate flowers) Works Cited http://www.stopextinction.org/
http://www.endangeredspecie.com/Ways_To_Help.htm Endangered Species Coalition -community organizations working to protect our nation’s disappearing wildlife and last remaining wild places. African Elephant Conservation Act -provides additional protection for the African elephant Antarctic Conservation Act -unlawful to take any native bird or mammal in Antarctica or to collect any native plant from any protected area within Antarctica -Established the Endangered Species Act(ESA)
-WFF working with other organizations and government -extincted means forever gone -members of the ecosystem die out, weakens the ecosystem -destroying our environment, destroying ourselves -natural resources cut down -alternative ways to different situations How we can help! Throw your Trash away- properly get rid of trash so bad chemicals don't spread around!
Remove rubbish and weeds- replant native so they can gradually regenerate
Conserve Water- for species to use
Join Organizations- communities offer opportunities to help endangered animals
-reduction of natural resources -need to find alternative
ways -unable to produce -helping local communities
recognize the benefit -monitor animals reductions
and productions Habitat Destruction- human activity interferes with the species habitat
Introduction of Exotic Species- humans expose new organisms to new environments
Over exploitation- people kill species for their qualities (ex. fur and bones)
Pollution- species are harmed by chemicals
Disease- animals catch diseases that can not be cured < Help me! I'm going extinct!
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