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Naruto Shippuden

No description

alijah computertech

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Naruto Shippuden

Naruto he is the main character in the story he usually is protecting his village(The Hidden Leaf Village). Sasuke He used to be naruto's friend but now his sole purpose is to get revenge and destroy the hidden leaf village(he had created a team called taka Kakahsi he is naruto's and sakura's sensi but he was sasuke former mentor until sasuke was completely taken over by his hatred. Sakura sakura is tsunade's student but kakashi is her sensi and she loves sasuke. Jiraya he is naruto's mentor and the one that taught naruto the rasengan. Tsunade tsunade is the leaf villages hokage and her job is to assign misson to teams of ninja and to direct the people of the leaf village to where to go Karin she was team taka's medical ninja and she was also liked sasuke. Suigestu he was entrapped by orochimaru because he was a being that could transform himself into water and so orochimaru saw him as a threat but sasuke freed him and suigestu joined team taka Jugo he was the first being to have the curse mark he also joined sasuke's team taka. Madara he was the first uchia to achieve mankegyo sharigan and still lives but now he also has the power of the rinnegan which stole from pain who passed away. Itachi he was sasuke's older brother but at a time he was sasuke's reason to live because sasuke wanted to kill itachi. Pain Pain was the second ninja in existence to have the rinnegan he had survived the first great ninja war Konan Konan was with pain in the akatsuki and had also survived the first great ninja war with pain. Orochimaru was at one time was part of the akatsuki but he left them to gain power by himself and attacked the leaf kabuto he was orochimaru's right hand man he did medical procedures on orochimaru until sasuke killed him then kabuto asorbed orochimaru's energy and became a being with the body of a snake. Naruto vs Sasuke
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