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natalee Goodman

on 31 May 2013

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About the authors The Hypnotist The Hypnotist The Hypnotist V.S. Frankenstein Frankenstein Consists of Alexander and Alexandra Ahndoril writing together. Alexander was born January 20th, 1967 in Stockholm
he studied film, religion and philosophy at University of Stockholm
His debut as novelist was in 1989, writing Den äkta kvinnan
He has written 11 novels
Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril was born March 2nd, 1966 in Helsingborg
She studied theater at Stockholm university until she had a change of heart and began studying comparative literature
She has written 3 novels since her debut in 2003
In 2008 the couple decided to write together under the name Lars Keper a gruesome triple homicide in Tumba, Sweden attracts the interest of Detective Inspector Joona Linna and Hypnotist Erik Maria Bark, who demands to investigate the murders
there’s only one surviving witness: a badly injured boy whose family was killed before his eyes. It is revealed that Joseph hates Bark for Hypnotizing him and is out to kill him, but he is not the one that kidnapped Bark's son.
Joseph visits his sister and threatens her
While Joseph is trying to hunt down Bark his sister kills him.
Bark must divulge into his past to reveal that the culprit is one of his previous patients.
This patient, Lydia, was exposed by Bark in a session to have kidnapped a child and to be a borderline psycopath.
This clue helps Bark, his wife, and Linna track down Benjamin and save him. In the Hypnotist by Lars Kepler and Frankenstein by Mary shelley, nature plays a pivotal role in the lives of the characters. Nature in different forms can determine the health, the mental state and the prosperity of all the characters. Health The Hypnotist and Frankenstein; a Comparison Linna sees only one option: hypnotism.
Dr. Bark had sworn to never hypnotize again but Linna persuades him.
Under hypnosis the boy, Joseph Ek, admits to killing his entire family.
While working on the case with Linna, Bark's son goes missing. Soon after it is found out that Joseph has also disappeared from the hospital on foot. Frankenstein Mental State "These sublime and magnificent scenes afforded me the greatest consolation that I was capable of receiving. They elevated me... they subdued and tranquilized my grief. In some degree, also, they diverted my mind from the thoughts over which it had brooded for the last month... It bade me peace" (78) The Hypnotist The Hypnotist Frankenstein Prospering & Determination The Hypnotist "We passed a fortnight in these perambulations; my health and spirits had long been restored, and they gained additional strength from the salubrious air I breathed, the natural incidents of our progress, and the conversation of my friend" (54) "When night came i quitted my retreat and wandered in the wood; and now, no longer restrained by the fear of discovery, i gave vent to my anguish and fearful howlings" (116) In both of these novels nature soothes the characters, helping them focus on their goals and achieve them. "I stood for a little while, listening to the birds rustling in the trees; I could see their bright spring colours among the dense leaves. For once I felt relieved - even happy" (328) "snow falls slowly from the black sky. There is not a breath of wind, and the heavy flakes settle sleepily on the empty street. He turns the key in the ignition, and the music pours in like a soft wave: Miles Davis, 'Kind of Blue'" (6) "The december sky is pale as sand; the temperature is a few degrees above zero as Kennet and Simone drive past the part of tumba where Joseph Ek was born." (193) "suddenly Joona sees Joseph running behind a brown, frost covered Hedge. He is bent as if with pain yet moves quickly. His head is drooping, but but he takes a couple of stumbling steps and breaks into a run." (159) "Joona fires a shot into the air. Joseph is undeterred and moves closer to the man; something – a scalpel – in his hand gleams in the headlights" (159)
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