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Rhetorical Analysis of Chrysler Advertisement

Project for AP Lang - 2012

Ibrahiem Mohammed

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Rhetorical Analysis of Chrysler Advertisement

The Speaker The Subject The overall subject of the advertisement is the vitality of America, and in particular, Chrysler Motors. The advertisement also argues the quality of Chrysler by comparing it to the quality of hard-working Americans. The Rhetorical Triangle Analysis of Chrysler Commercial How does the advertisement fulfill its aim by taking advantage of the rhetorical occasion? The speaker is Chrysler Motors, but their message is given through Clint Eastwood. This strengthens Chrysler's message since Eastwood is an idolized figure in America. The Audience(s) The primary audience is general car-buying population
of America. In particular, the advertisement appeals to car buyers who may have little faith in American cars or those who prefer foreign cars. The secondary audiences include Americans who are losing faith in America, other automobile manufacturers, and even politicians (although indirectly). Patriotic and compelling tone The persona that this advert takes
on is of a faithful American. It's
trying to say, "From one American
to another, I believe we can rise again,
all we have to do is put faith and trust
in each other". Tone Persona Any Controversy? Most of the intended audience would perceive this advertisement with wither a sense of guilt or pride. Those patriotic individuals who pride themselves in purchasing American cars or other America products will not only accept this advert and its message/subject but also take inspiration from it. Others will accept it shamefully because they feel guilty in not being supportive of America. However few others might take a controversial perspective because they might feel like the subject in the ad is not entirely true. And few others may even take it as far as calling the ad politically biased because it seems as if Clint Eastwood is endorsing President Obama and the Democrats. The rhetorical occasion of the advertisement lies in the loss that American automobile companies faced. Due to the recession, many automobile companies, especially in Detroit (as referenced in the ad), came close to shutting down. This advertisement takes root in the American spirit of patriotism to raise the appeal of American cars. Rhetorical Occasion The purpose of the advertisement is to enhance the perception of the quality of American cars (particularly those of Chrysler Motors), and to raise their appeal to American buyers. Purpose Ibrahiem M.
Ibrahim K.
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