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April Showers, Bring May Flowers

No description

Laura Quintal

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of April Showers, Bring May Flowers

April Showers, Bring May Flowers
Move Your Phi't Tabling
Sisters spent the weeks leading up to the Move Your Phi't 5K tabling in the Union, recruiting students and faculty to preregister for the race and collecting donations. From preregistration and donations before the race, Sisters raised $1,280!
April 2014
Spring Formal
Senior Spotlight!

Senior Sisters from Left to Right: Amber Mansfield, Simone Dubay, Danielle Violette, Kayla Kaiser, Adriana Capuano, Kayla Paul, Kelly Margeson, Daniele Jacobson, Amanda Richards, Amanda York, Whitneigh Kinne and Lana McHugh
Happy Birthday to our Lovely Sisters Celebrating April Birthdays!
Kelseyanne Burdette
April 5th
Molly Horne
April 5th
Molly Desmarais
April 14th
Katie Drake
April 20th
Laura Quintal
April 21st
Kristen Douglass
April 24th
Move Your Phi't
Katy Clement
Amber Mansfield
Amber is currently a senior majoring in Elementary Education with a Minor in Child Development and Family Relations with a Concentration in English. Amber spent much of her senior year as a Student Teacher at a local school where she got to create a bond with the students and further her dreams as a future teacher!

As an undergraduate sister of Alpha Phi Amber has been involved in countless leadership roles. During her time in Alpha Phi she was Director of Publicity and Advertising, Director of Chapter Events, Vice President of Marketing, and Chapter President.

Her plans for the future are to move to Southern Maine with her fiance, Thomas and their pup Baron, find a teaching job and get married!
Kelly Margeson
Kelly is a fourth year Marketing Major with a Management Minor. She has certainly utilized her marketing skills as she is not only a member of the American Marketing Association, but the Vice President and has had the opportunity to take many trips pursuing her goals. As a collegian Kelly is also a part of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Colleges Against Cancer, and Alternative Breaks 2013. As some of you may know Alternative Breaks is an incredible organization where students team together to go some place over break and build homes for families in need.

As a sister in Alpha Phi Kelly has been known to bring a positive light both mentally and physically as she is always seen with her camera to capture any moment! She was also the Director of Public Relations and Advertising and worked to create some of the tools the Marketing Department uses to advertise for philanthropy events!

Kelly will continue her education here at the University of Maine during a 5th year to complete both her major and minor.
Lana McHugh
Katy Clement
Amber Mansfield
Kelly Margeson
Lana McHugh
Sisters from Left to Right: Cassie Krummel, Michelle Machala, Jordan Manzo, Ally Moran, Laura Quintal, and Nicole Jackubow
Whitneigh Kinne
Whitneigh is currently a Mass Communications Major with a Business Administration Minor. As a student she has been incredibly involved at the University of Maine. Whitneigh is a Hockey Analysis and Color Commentator for Maine Hockey, a USCHO Rink Reporter, and a Shawn Walsh Memorial Golf Classic Board Member.

As a sister in Alpha Phi Whitneigh has played a crucial role in both the Marketing and Recruitment Departments in Alpha Phi. Throughout her membership she has been the Director of Marketing Alpha Phi, Merchandise Chair.

We are excited to announce that Whitneigh will be staying with us for one more semester to complete her Degree and for Formal Recruitment as our Vice President of Recruitment! Her future plans after next semester are to land a job as a professional Sports Broadcaster and we don't know about you, but she seems like she's heading in the right direction!
Katy is currently a Business Management Major with an English and Child Development and Family Relations Minor. She has done well academically and was inducted into the Order of Omega Honors Society during her Undergraduate years.

As a member of Alpha Phi Katy has been tremendously involved in her efforts to promote her love and passion for our sorority. Since the beginning, she took on leadership roles such as our Director of Philanthropy, Panhellenic Delegate, Vice President of Campus Affairs, and Merchandise Chair. As Panhellenic Delegate she strengthened her bonds with the Greek Community and became the Panhellenic Council Vice President of Recruitment.

Katy will be sticking around with us to complete a 5th year and we couldn't be more excited to see what her future brings!
Lana has spent her Undergraduate years as a double major for Sociology and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. As an academic achiever Lana is a part of the Sociology Club.

Lana has always been known to bring a smile to people's face and be a quirky girl in Alpha Phi. Last year, she did a tremendous job with the help of her Recruitment Department to bring in 22 new sisters as Vice President of Recruitment. We couldn't have been more ecstatic when we learned that our own VPRM was able to recruit as Number 1 for the Pledge Class of '13!

As she graduates from the University of Maine Lana hopes to work in Bar Harbor with some of our own Alpha Phi sisters while she finishes her degree this summer. She is also planning on volunteering at Spruce Run in May. Once the fall comes she will be traveling to New Zealand as an Au Pair!

Best of luck in her future adventures!
This month sisters matched up against some strong competitors to play soccer and softball.
Whitneigh Kinne
From left to right: Sisters Brittany DiPompo, Eliza Taplin, Tamra Wallace, Janay Wright, Bella DiPhillippo, Cassie Krummel and Jamie Ascanio
Sisters from Left to Right: Cassie Krummel, Laura Quintal, Kartika Romano, Lauren Kaiser and Molly Desmarais.
Sunday, April 27th was the 12th Annual Move Your Phi't 5k Race/Walk. Students, parents and alumnae from all over came to support the event. We can proudly announce that this year MYP raised approximately $1,821 for Women's Heart Health and Cardiac Care, but we are even more happy to announce that we still are receiving donations coming in from all around! Our current total is $1,921. With that being said, our Vice President of Marketing, Kartika Romano, would like to extend the GoFundMe Donation Page until May 10th
(Class of 2014 Graduation Date) for any and all support! The Sisters of Alpha Phi just want to say thank you for all the help and participation we received to make this event one for the books!
If you would like to still donate please follow this link: www.gofundme.com/moveyouphit
Senior Farewell
The Sisters of Alpha Phi came together for our annual Senior Farewell on Monday, April 28th to say some loving and kind words about what this organization has done for them during their collegiate years and what they know it will continue to do...
Not four years, but for life!
Upcoming Events:

May 10th: University of Maine Graduation
Keep an eye out for our Monthly Newsletters this summer and our updated website coming soon!
For more updates please visit or follow us on the sites listed below:

Twitter: AlphaPhiDeltaNu
Instagram: umainealphaphi
Pinterest: UMaine Alpha Phi
Tumblr: www.umainealphaphi.tumblr.com

Created By: Eliza Taplin & Kaity Aboud
Edited By: Kartika Romano
Sisters Marigan Doody and Molly Desmarais
Sisters from Left to Right: Brittany DiPompo, Jamie Ascanio, Whitneigh Kinne, and Amanda York
Maine Day

The Sisters of Alpha Phi enjoyed a day of service to give back to the University of Maine!
Sisters from Top Left to Right: Brittany DiPompo, Leanne Violette, and Molly Desmarais
Sisters from Bottom Left to Right: Morgan Cunningham and Cassie Krummel
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