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summer vacation

No description

Anastasia Therianos

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of summer vacation

summer vacation I went to Alex Beach for a week and ate popcorn with my brother and pretented it was a movie. I have been there before and it is a perfect summer get away!
They have beach chairs to tan and a buffet. Alex beach has two swimming pools but also has
a beach if you don't want chlorine in your hair. I went here with my Dad because he is in the Military At night they have dance shows that they sing and dance. At night they also greek dance and you can join in to a dance called sigano. Many of the rooms have clear views of the beach and dancing. The beach is safe from sharks because they have nets to catch them. The Greek colors are white and blue and the hotel resort is white with windows are tinted blue. This is a place where you do not have have little kids running around. There are several pools including a baby pool.
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