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Ethics and Interior Design

An indepth look at ethics in the interior design profession

Dana Robinson

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Ethics and Interior Design

Panan Hamshow
Dana Robinson
Negin Sabet-Sharghi ETHICS plural noun. 1 [usually treated as plural] moral principles that govern a person's behavior or the conducting or an activity 2 [usually treated as singular] the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles business ethics a consensus of what constitutes right or wrong behaviors in the business world and the application of moral principles to situations that may arise in an industry setting.
Sometimes these choices are unethical.
occurs for three reasons:
People are motivated by self-interest
People are careless
People see no harm in their behavior Ethical behavior is about the choices we make everyday. Unethical behavior "In the fast-changing world of global business, we are constantly faced with new challenges and new opportunities. This can be unsettling, and it's not always clear how we should behave in certain situations or where the boundaries lie in terms of what is acceptable to our colleagues, customers, and the communities in which we work" (Gould, A.2008). How is used in our ? ethics profession So... How does apply to ? ethics interior design ARIDO members are bound by a Code of Ethics and Practice Standards. What is a ? code of ethics It is a broad outline, designed to guide your decision making and aid one in handling business situations professionally, fairly, and legally. Codes of Ethics are often supported by a wide range of company policies, standards, and other documents that lay out our obligations and responsibilities to behave ethically in all aspects of our business lives (Gould, A.2008). How does this apply to ? us AS ARIDO MEMBERS, ARE BOUND TO A CODE OF ETHICS. What are the benefits
of following this ? CODE "Adherence to the Code of Ethics and Practice Standards by ARIDO Members confirms to the industry that ARIDO members are committed to higher standards than non-members (Standards, 2013)." What are the
of the code of ethics? What are the and our As the world we live in evolves, so will the code of ethics. YOU INTERIOR DESIGN PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES WHAT IS THE PRESENT DAY RELEVANCE? So...how does apply to ? ethics interior design As interior designers,we have a responsibility to the public, to our employer and colleagues, to our clients, to our community, and to ourselves.
In Canada, our profession works in a free-market economy, and this can create rivalry between businesses that offer similar services. This can result in temptation to stretch ethical boundaries to secure clients. WE as individuals guiding principles/ key contributors INTEGRITY HONESTY EQUITABLE ACCOUNTABLE OBLIGATIONS VALUES KEY ISSUES Responsibilities? We have a duty to public health and safety
Designers must follow laws and bylaws in the interest of the public As designers we have a responsibility to THE CLIENT A designer's goal is to have the best interest of the client in mind
Nothing should cloud the designer's judgement OTHER DESIGNERS AND COLLEAGUES Designers should respect other designers and colleagues
It is never acceptable to plagiarize ASSOCIATION AND INTERIOR DESIGN PROFESSION Designers should act professional
As a designer it is important to provide support, knowledge, and information to interior designer students
EMPLOYERS Stealing from employers is unacceptable
Interior designers should not freelance without an agreement with their employer OURSELVES How we conduct ourselves in our business is influenced by our own ethical standards
These ethical standards are based on our personal culture, religion/beliefs, societal norms, and family values Due to globalization and the expanding worldwide market, sustainability and global social responsibility will become guiding factors in our everyday ethical decisions. ID ID ID Anderson, B. G., Honey, P. L., & Dudek, M. T. (2007). Interior Design's Social Compact: Key to the Quest for Professional Status. Journal of Interior Design, v-xiii.
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