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Our Trip to Spain

By: Brian, Sean, Wyatt, and Alex

Alex Krumenacker

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Our Trip to Spain

Day 4: Barcelona Game

At the game it ended in a Barcelona win 3-2 vs Real Madrid. It was a very exciting game.
Today we went to a Christmas tour. It was a really fun experience. Alex and Brian got snow globes. Sean got lost in Santa's Village. But thankfully Wyatt found Sean.
Our Trip to Spain
Day 1: Entering Barcelona
Day 3:
Day 6: Art Museum
In Toledo
Today we went to an art museum in Toledo. It was free admission which was great. We saw a lot of great art. This was a very enjoyable experience.
Day 8: Leaving Spain
By: Alex Krumenacker
Brian Sipko
Sean MacDonald
Wyatt McMullen
Day 5: Shopping In Toledo
smaller letters
Day 2: Bridge Jumping in Barcelona
Today, we went Bridge Jumping in Barcelona. It was very exciting. Sean was a little bit scared at first but now he is fine.
We went to Wal-mart today and got an Xbox One. We also went to Macy's and got some clothes. After that we went to Footlocker and got some Kd 6 shoes. Finally we went to Dicks Sporting Goods and got some jackets. Today was a good shopping day!

It was a long 13 hour plane ride into Barcelona but we are unpacked and ready to explore parts of Spain.
Day 7: Final Day in Spain
We are leaving Spain and we are on the plane. It has been such a great visit. We should visit again.
Our Rental Car: Ford Focus

Valencia: For our final day we visited Valencia. Today we went sight seeing. We just traveled around. We had a great time.
New Xbox One!
All photo credits to Google images.
Hope you enjoyed our Prezi!!! :)
Our Hotel was a very good hotel. It was called The Eric Vocal Grand Via Suites.
Final Budget (after all costs): $1,520.27 for the outcome of this trip it was very fun and we are happy that we stayed in budget.
Cities: Barcelona, Valencia, and Toledo
We had lots of delicious meals on our trip. These are some below.
We all had a great
time eating and dining,
but I have to give the credits to all of the great restaurants.
La Capilla
La Bolsa
We bought Battlefield 4 on our new Xbox One!
Date: January 12th to January 19th
Culinary Expert: Wyatt
Activity Coordinator: Sean
Travel Agent: Brian
Trip Manager: Alex
El Casal
More Restaurants
Con Gracia
La Pepita

More Food
Weather Report
Even though it rained we still did a lot of things.
We had hospitals in case we got injured.
An action shot from our gameplay
Brian and Alex got snow globes
at Valencia.
Sean and Wyatt got these watches
We all got Barcelona jerseys.
We also got Kd 6 shoes.
Ready to go to Spain!
El Fin!!!
(The End)
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