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Beginning of Black History Month

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Computer Applications

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Beginning of Black History Month

Groundhog Day today
Today people in the united States wait during the bad weather of winter for February 2nd to hope for the groundhog to finish it's sleep and show it's shadow and spring arrives, and other people hope that the groundhog will stay underground and 6 more weeks of winter will start
Groundhog Day
Beginning of Groundhog Day
A long time ago, the Romans thought that if the sun was shown on Candlemas Day a hedgehog would cast a shadow that predicted that it would be 6 more weeks of bad weather and they called that the "Second Winter".
More history about Groundhog Day

Pennsylvania's earliest settlers(Germans) found large amounts of groundhogs in the state, and they thought that the groundhog, that was similar to the European hedgehog, was a very smart and sensible creature and they decided that if the sun was shown on February 2nd the groundhog would see it's shadow and go back underground for 6 more weeks of winter.
In the 19th century, New England farmers knew that even if February 2nd was cloudy it wasn't the end of winter because if the farmer didn't have half of his hay left that meant that there might have been times for the cows before spring and new, fresh grass was grown.

The Groundhog
Meaning of Groundhog Day
Groundhog Day is a holiday that's on February 2nd in United States, on this day if you see a groundhog's shadow that means that he finished his winter sleep and winter is over, but if he doesn't then it will be 6 more weeks of winter.
Farmer's had their own Groundhog Day
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