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Things about the holocaust

No description

hannah deboer

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of Things about the holocaust

The Holocaust started Jan.30, 1933 and ended May 8, 1945.
Adolf Hitler Pictures
Who was Adolf Hitler?
Adolf Hitler was a terrible man he killed jews in fact he was the leader of the nazi's.He was the one who thought that he could do that and kill innocent people.
Did you Know there's a Girl that hid from the Nazi's
The girls name is Anne Frank she hid behind a book shelf were her dads office was and she stayed there.Meanwhile the nazi's were taking over and the rest of her family went with the nazi's and worked and worked a lot till they got weak.
What does Holocaust Mean?
I means the killing of Jews during ww2.
Picture of the Holocaust
Things about the holocaust
When did the Holocaust
Start and End?
What was the holocaust?
The Holocaust was when the Nazi's took over most of Europe and killed jews and hurt people and also made them work for them and if they were not able to work then they would kill them.That was a terrible thing to do because they killed innocent people.
People died because of the holocaust that was a very bad thing.Hitler was a very bad person HE TOOK OVER MOST OF EUROPE but he did not take over the United Kingdom.The states started to fight back.
My Resources
In 1933 the Jewish population of Europe stood at over nine million.
Hannah DeBoer
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