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The Silk Road

No description

Chris Rhodenbaugh

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of The Silk Road

SWBAT explain specific examples of ways the Silk Road enabled the sharing of inventions and beliefs between civilizationssSSS The Silk Road Trade? How many of you have a cell phone
or know someone that has a cell phone? DO NOW:
What is trade?
What is the last item you traded? Ancient China did not have
the internet or Craigslist,
but they found a way to trade.
It was called... SWBAT explain specific examples of ways
the Silk Road enabled the sharing of inventions
and beliefs between civilizations. BRAIN STORM
What are some challenges traders might have faced entering and leaving China?

List as many challenges as you can think of in 30 seconds. Silk Road merchants had to walk through the Taklamakan Desert or go more than 100 extra miles to go around it! Imagine trade without the internet, without trucks or trains, without restaurants to stop in and buy food and water. Merchants on the Silk Road had to cross
the Pamir Mountains! Commodities traded on the Silk Road
may have traveled more than
4,000 miles.

Most merchants would
travel about 350 miles then pass
on goods to another merchant. Merchants could travel about 15-20 miles a day.
Meaning products on the Silk Road may have taken more than 250 days to arrive. Would you believe it started with this? SWBAT explain specific examples of ways
the Silk Road enabled the sharing of inventions
and beliefs between civilizations. Trade ignites curiosity! Trade unlocks the beliefs, technology, and
secrets of civilizations. This is Steve Ortiz
on the news-> He became famous for using
Craigslist on the internet
to make 14 trades to go from
a used cell phone to a Porsche
Steve Ortiz said his two years of trading online took a lot of hard work and patience. commodity: a product made, grown, or gathered for sale

merchant: someone who buys and sells goods for a living (a trader) Use your two new vocab
words (merchants - commodity)
to answer this question!

Why did merchants take on
the incredible challenge
of the Silk Road? You walk into these stores to buy a snack.
What differences do you notice?

As a Silk Road explorer, what could you learn about from the people and cultures you meet along the journey? Here are some of the trades made by Steve Ortiz Cell phone Person needed a
new phone, but couldn't afford one - so he traded what he had. Person had an extra
dirt bike, but no iPod Perhaps the Macbook owner was getting a new computer for work? The owner of the Toyota
4Runner had three cars.
He was in a band and
really needed a Macbook
for recording software Owner of the Ford
Bronco did not realize
he was trading away
a valuable collectors' item The owner of the
Porsche wanted
a collectors' item and
an off-road truck
more than a sports car Do you see a pattern
in the trades? Silk was a commodity people really
wanted more than 2,000 years ago.
What is the silk of today? What
product do people really want to have?
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