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out of my mind

my literacy circle book

Baylee Monley

on 3 April 2012

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Transcript of out of my mind

Out of my Mind!! By:Sharon M. Draper c characters Melody Traits :
Personality- Very smart, nice, understanding, attitude
Physical - can't walk, can't talk, can't write, can't do anything, she can roll over Written by:
Sharon M. Draper Mrs. V Traits:
Personality- strong, determined, kind, helpful!
Physical- tall, dark, curly hair Penny Traits:
Personality- loving, kind, funny,
Physical- cute, 2 years old,
loves melody and her family Setting Place : it does not say where she lives, but she is mostly at school and home:) Time: the 21st century Mood: the mood is to show how good we have it in this world. We take for granit the simple things in life such as talking and walking!! conflict Internal conflict : Melody is very smart, but cant say anything. External conflict:
She doesn't look like a smart normal girl
but on the inside she is so smart. a lot of people judge her from the outside.
Theme Plot Exposition : Rising Action Climax : Her dad gives her
a teddy bear and she
can't even hold it. She goes to
the doctors
and he is not
very nice to her he
pretty much tells
her that she
is retarded and could
never be fixed or do
Melody tries out for the
whiz kids and she makes
it on the team! She goes
into her very
first competition!
how exciting!! The END Don't take things to for granite: Melody is so smart but
she can't say anything.
She loves words and wants
so much to be abole to express
what she knows but she can't
tell anybody how important
they actually are. we take for granite
the simple things in life. such
as words or talking, or even just
walking. Dont judge a book by it's cover: Melody is a young girl who
can't walk, or talk, or pretty
much do anything. she may look like she
can't do anything on the outside but on
the inside she is soooo smart, she just has to
find a way to tell everybody.
Thank you Prezi made by :
Baylee E. Monley She finds out that she is not
normal and that she can't walk or talk!!
She gets the Medi-Talker.
that is a computer that can
talk for her, all that she has to
do is type it in. That is really cool!!! Sierra is sorry
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