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ISU: Cheryl Strayed

Presentation on Cheryl Strayed For My ISU

Katie Ross

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of ISU: Cheryl Strayed

Wild: A Journey From Lost to Found Cheryl Strayed Why I Chose "Wild" Growing Up When I was in chapters choosing my book, I pretty much just wanted to pick the first book I saw. Now, this book didn't turn out to be quite like your typical biography. It was like you took a narrative and a biography, and then took parts of both and wove them together. With this writing style, it was actually really difficult to get the standard information about the her, so I ended up having to find the missing information online. This book takes you through the rather heartbreaking events that led up to the destruction of Cheryl's family, and her becoming an orphan. It's not one of the most uplifting books in the world, but it is definitely one of the most inspirational. It describes her eventually heading into a downwards spiral, that ultimately leads her to take a hike on the Pacific Crest Trail (the PCT) and slowly rebuilding her life. About the Book Cheryl Strayed was born on Sept 17, 1968, in Spangler, Pennsylvania, with her mom, Bobbi, just out of her teens at the time. She is the middle child of the family, as she has an older sister named Karen, and a younger brother named Leif. Cheryl and her mom have always had a really strong bond, even from such a young age. Early Life When Cheryl was 5, she and her family moved to Chaska, Minnesota. Her mom was caught in an abusive relationship with her husband at the time. He would yell at his wife, hit her, threaten her, you name it. After numerous attempts of leaving and then coming right back to him, Cheryl's mom packed up her things, and left with her children for the last time, filling for divorce a year later. Age 5&6 For the next few years as a single-parent family, they were living on welfare and food stamps. They moved apartments frequently, always looking for a cheaper rent. Cheryl's mom would bring home defective or unused products from her part-time job, and she would give them to her kids to make their toys. The main thing that kept them happy during this time was her mom's positive spirit. She would often tell her children, "We aren't poor, because we're rich in love". A New Home When she was 13, she, her family, and her new step-dad Eddie moved to rural Aitkin County, where they bought 40 acres of land, and built themselves a home. Education She graduated high school when she was 17, and went on to attend her freshman year at the University of St. Thomas, but then switched to the University of Minnesota in her sophomore year. Cheryl's mom actually attended university with her daughter, not getting the chance to attend during her teen years. During Cheryl's time in college she met her first husband, whom she called "Paul" in the book, and got married quickly thereafter. Turning Point In Cheryl's senior year of university, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors said she had a year to live, however, she died only a short 49 days after her diagnosis. The Aftermath In the years after her mother's death, Cheryl's life quickly started to go down the drain. She became involved in drugs, alcohol, and had many affairs, which helped lead to the ultimate decision of divorcing her husband, whom she still loved at the time. She lost touch with her brother and sister, and her step-dad left the picture. When Cheryl was signing her divorce papers, as she was contemplating her new last name, she heard the name "strayed", and she knew it belonged to her immediately. The Big Decision One day while standing in line at an outdoor equipment store, Cheryl came across a book on the Pacific Crest Trail. She bought the book, and then made her decision to go on the hike. She wasn't sure exactly why she wanted to go on this journey, but rather she felt like she had to. On the Hike Cheryl started the hike in 1995, when she was 26 years old. She started in the Mojave desert, and ended in Oregon. For the duration of Cheryl's hike, it describes her progression from loneliness, to anger, to sadness, and eventually to understanding. Along the way, she changed both physically and mentally, meeting new friends, and going through many challenges. She often talks to her mom aloud, as if she was there, which in the end somehow helped her lessen her sadness. As she finished her adventure, she wasn't sure where she was going with her life, but she knew that she was done living it the way she was before she started. Cheryl Strayed Explains Writing Her Book The Present Cheryl Strayed currently lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and two children. Sources Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail





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