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The Lost City of Atlantis

No description

Lyla Madison

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of The Lost City of Atlantis

1. Is there any evidence that shows that Atlantis exists? If so, what are some examples?

2. How have the stories and theories of Atlantis changed over time?

3. Who has contributed a lot of time to help solve the mystery of Atlantis?

The Lost City of Atlantis
By Lyla Madison
Question 1:

Mehrgarh in Pakistan and Dwarka (Dvaraka) Giant Underwater City Found in India- (1)
Farming and Herding (1)
1983-1990 (1)
Question 3:
Ten years (2)
Sunken isle (2)
Man-made (2)
Fifty miles (2)
One mile deep (2)
Matched description (2)
Exactly where predicted (2)
Dwarka (Dvaraka)-
A city and a municipality located in the Jamnagar district of Gujarat state in India.

The part of the invisible spectrum that is contagious to the red end of the visible spectrum and that comprises electromagnet radiation of wavelengths from 800 nm to 1 mm.

a Greek philosopher.

a small island.

a geographical area that forms a harbor.
Richard Freund-
Professor (4)
Spanish, American, and Canadian scientists (4)
Infrared satellite images (3)
Muddy swamp in Spain-2003 (4)
Robert Sarmast-
Floods, quakes, and volcanic eruptions (3)
2,000 miles away (3)
Studied images (3)
Has dived in the area (3)
Wrote book (2)
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Question 2:
6. National Geographic Society. "Atlantis- True Story or Cautionary Tale."
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Plato- (8)
Before (8)
Sank (8)
Atlantic Ocean (8)
Robert Sarmast- (3)
Now (3)
Wrecked (3)
2,000 miles away- Mediterranean Sea (3)
Richard Freund- (3)
Now (3)
Flooded then covered by mud (3)
Port leading to the Atlantic ocean (3)
7. Alford, Alan F. "The Complete Decoding of Plato's Lost Continent."
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