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plym uni

sarah Pook

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of angels

Sarah Pook
Activities and Comms Officer
Heena Mistry
Angels Supervisor Freshers Angels 2012 What is the objective of today? To get to know each other and of course have fun over the next few weeks! To ensure Angels are able to answer questions about the students' union (or know where to find answers!) Explain the purpose of this scheme. Understand the roles of a freshers angel. Your student Union
Is a representative body of the students at the UOP- it is one of the largest in the Uk with a membership of around 30,000 students.
It is a charity and does make any profit- all the money we make is reinvested to provide you with better facilities
It is committed to representing the views of the students to the university and improving the student experience. Representation Dave Deberger Steph Driscol Rich Garratt Jazz Singh Sarah Pook Elected sabbatical Officers 2012-2013 Activities
and Communications Deputy president President Sports Education and Welfare Warning: Poor acting! Please ask questions as we go! Contact

Heena: 07702198815

Sarah: 07971277683 What is the purpose of freshers Angel ? Had a job
borrowed money from your parents
Had a library fine
Joined a society or sports club
Been on a night out in the union Everyone please raise your hand
- Put your hand down if you have never: Great! You have experienced many different aspects of student life!

This makes you all great volunteers to ensure that first years feel comfortable and enjoy their first few weeks at Plymouth University. Group session

In your groups, discuss the following questions
What skills are needed as a volunteer
What are the barriers to the students involvement in the Student Union?

Nominate a spokesperson to feedback So you will be asked a variety of Questions Sports and Societies fair 23rd September To join a sport you must have a sports card! Nus entitles you to High Street and local discounts
Card prices are - Nus Extra card £12
- Sports card £11
- Or Nus + Sports bundle £21 Students can buy their NUS card online or from the student union
Remind them to turn up early as otherwise they will have to queue.
And remind them to bring cash to the sports and societies fair to avoid queuing at the cash point Did you know
The sports and societies fair will be on top of the SU, inside the SU and in the main hall.
There will be over 70 societies and 60 sports present at the fair
It starts as 12 and finishes at 6pm. Cloud 9 So your job is to make the Freshers have a great time! To answer any questions they may have.
To give any tips that you wished you had known when you were a fresher.
Get them excited about sports, societies, volunteering- the endless opportunities they have on their doorstep.
If you see a small group? someone alone and uninvolved- speak to them- try and encourage them to become involved.
Walk students to areas of the uni they are unsure about.
Let them know what is going on - free 5 aside, dodgeball etc- and if you want to grab some students and get involved! Nights out
We want you to be involved as much as possible- so if it is white t-shirt party- grab a pen and join in encouraging others to do so as well.
walk groups of freshers to the Oceana bus stop.
Before heading into the clubs speak to a few first years- tell them some tricks of the trade Just have fun And create those lollipop moments! Only get involved with events you feel comfortable with!
If you are unable to attend events Please let Heena or myself before hand, so we can find a replacement.
Wear t-shirts for your designated events.
It should not cost you anything to get involved so entry fees etc are paid by UPSU Angels Code of Conduct Don't put yourself in danger!- Never walk home alone

Drink responsibly
If you are too drunk take the t-shirt off Rest of today.
Now- Free lunch in the SU
1:30 Q&A panel RLB 206 Freshers wristbands £39 each Thank you for listening! Sam and the Womp Gym Membership
Gold membership £105 for 12 months
discounted rates
free exercise classes.
discount on outdoor facilities eg sailing abseiling etc
or £26 per month The volunteer department is situated in the Hive. They offer a vast variety of opportunities volunteer@su.plymouth.ac.uk Advice Centre Offers a range of confidential, impartial and free advice If students have issues with
student funding
legal advice
housing advice
Contact info
01752 588373
advice@su.plymouth.ac.uk Events Perks Meet Clint Timetable Congrats Angels
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