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Of Mice and Men Plot Diagram

No description

Lindsey Jameson

on 13 September 2015

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men Plot Diagram

Of Mice and Men
Plot Diagram

Rising Action
Candy feels guilty for letting someone else shoot his dog. **He should have been with his helpless dog when he was killed.
Chapter 5
falling action
Candy finds the wife's body and tells George
Candy realizes that their plans are now destroyed and leaves the barn with tears in his eyes
Candy tells the men that something has happened, so they go to the barn to check it out
George tells them he meant no harm and to not shoot him.
They take off to find Lennie

They are on their way to the ranch to begin work.

They were forced to flee from Weeds because of Lennie's actions.
*Grabbed a girls dress to feel it but wouldn't
let it go.
Rising Action
George and Lennie arrive to the ranch and are met by the boss
*Boss is skeptical of their relationship

Chapter 4
Lennie visits with Crooks and tells him about his dream
Candy joins in on the conversation, and Crooks says he could help out as well
Curley's wife enters and tries to make conversation, but the men want her gone (known for trouble)

**Important to know that she is just lonely (loneliness is a prominent theme in the book)
Chapter 5
Lennie accidentally kills the puppy while in the barn by himself
Curley's wife enters the barn
Lennie backs away knowing he is not supposed to talk with her
She is persistent because she wants a
friend--she is lonely
Readers find out that her dream is to be in the movies
Lennie tells her that he likes to feel soft things
She allows him to touch her hair, but he takes it to far
When she panics, he grabs on tightly and breaks her neck
rising action continued
Curley is married, and his wife is seen as flirty. She constantly is trying to get attention from the workers at the ranch
Setting: California in the 30s
Introduced to George and Lennie (travel together from ranch to ranch)

Dream of having their own farm
In order try to get the boss to understand their relationship, George lies. He says that they are cousins, and Lennie is slow because he was kicked in the head
Introduced to Candy and his old dog (later shot by Carlson)

Curley comes into the bunkhouse and immediately picks a fight with Lennie because he does not like big guys (jealous of them because he is small)
George warns Lennie to stay away from Curley and his wife
Slim enters and is a well-respected jerkline skinner (has puppies for Lennie). George tells Slim the river story to show that Lennie would do anything that George says.
Candy hears their plan to own their own land and wants to join them.
Curley enters and picks a fight with Lennie (Lennie is still smiling as he is imagining their farm. Lennie immediately jumps back because he is scared.
BUT George tells him to fight back, so he crushes Curley's hand.

Slim tells Curley to see the doctor but to not rat out Lennie or George. **uses a threat

Chapter 6
Brings us back to the exposition's setting
Reader's can tell Lennie feels guilt when the rabbit appears because they will never be able to have a little piece of land of their own
George is able find Lennie first as he went to the brush
Distracts him by talking about their dream
George pulls out Carlson's gun and shoots Lennie

Lennie is paralleled to Candy's dog
George shoots Lennie so that he is comfortable and leaves with a happy memory ***Candy regretted not shooting his own dog, so George makes sure that he is the one to take Lennie's life.

The last line shows that Carlson and Curley do not care about anyone but themselves

But Slim can see that George is hurt and feels bad for him
Steinbeck uses a circular pattern for Of Mice and Men

It shows that all along the men never had a chance of being more than working men

This is true to the time period of the Great Depression

**Theme that is prominent is that of loneliness

Lennie and George are lucky as they have one another which is not a likely situation for men traveling for work
Literary Elements
Conflict- Which character is a source of conflict
Foil characters- shows contrast
Characterization: Indirect vs direct
Foreshadowing- hints of what is to come. Examples???
Symbolism- something used as a representation of something. Examples?
Simile- a comparison using like or as
Point of view- 3rd person limited
Allusion- a reference to something well-known EX. title, character last name
Irony - A difference between what is expected to occur and what does. Ex. Lennie smalls
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