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Amanda Borrero

No description

Mandii Borrero

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Amanda Borrero

Amanda Borrero
Psychology uses scientific studys of mental functions and behaviors to understand individuals and groups of people.
they attempt to understand the mental functions of individual people's social behaviors.
they learn/explore concepts such as attention, emotion, brain functioning, personality, behavior, interpersonal relationships etc.

to gain a bachelors you need a mix of science and libral arts. Ex: introductory psychology, research methods, statistics, others require you to learn personality, abnormal psychology, social psychology, history and systems, & test and measurement.
for a masters you need preperation in natrual science or math, and The top three programs for terminal master’s degrees are clinical psychology, counseling psychology and industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology.
for most doctoral degree's it takes 5-7 yrs to gain
I choosed to be a psychologist because in the end get to help someone with a problem they have, and thats all I want to do whether I get paid a ton of money or get paid minimum wage.
Bachelors: 34,000 anually
Masters: average salary ranges from $43,151 per year for a mental health counselor to $67, 563 for a nonprofit organization director. people with 20+ get payed 74,433.
Doctorals: salaries range from $64,140 to $145,500 depending upon the specialization. The median for all psychologists is $86,120.
Clinical, School and Counseling Psychologists: These psychologists earn a median salary of $66,810
but pay also ranges with what type of psychologist you are.
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