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Natural Selection of Sea Turtles

No description

courtney lampman

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Natural Selection of Sea Turtles

Natural Selection of Sea Turtles
Sae Turtles prefer tropical to sub-tropic waters which includes evey ocean.
Human Impact
Sea turtles are notorious for getting caught in industrial fishing.
Nests are made into resorts and other places for human use.
Diversity of Species
Their are only 7 types of sea turtles.
They range from being black to green.
They range in sizes from 55 inches to 27 inches at adult size.
Resources Avaliable
Turtles can live in shallow coastal waters and as they age they go farther into the ocean. migration paths vary, as turles usually roam solo or in very small groups.

Unique Characteristics
Turtles go extinct as their nests are ruined because, mothers will only lay their eggs where they hatched. They willl not lay their eggs anywhere else.
Background of Sea Turtle
Changes over time
Turtles roamed the earth more than 245 million years ago, they are part of the late triassic period. They adapted to being, and eventually living in water fully, to better their chance of survival. They do however continue to lay their eggs on land and have evolved into a smaller size.
Evolved from eating insects and vegetation to algae, shrimp, and crabs.
Maintain healthy coral reefs and providing key food to the yellow tang fish, which eats algae off the turtle.
Sharks prey on adult sea turtles.
Ghost crabs and Racoons have been known to prey on eggs and baby turtles making their transition to the ocean.
Natural Selection Traits
Turtles produce many eggs. (over production)
Only fast turtles who arent preyed on make it to the ocean. (stabilizing selection)
There is more than one type of sea turtle. (variaton of species)
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