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Education during the Spanish Era

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Ariane Lei Fajutagana

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Education during the Spanish Era

Education during the Spanish Era
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Education in the Philippines...
Education Decree of 1868
establishment of separate public elementary school for boys and girls
Buenos dias amigos, amigas!
Today, we’ll look back in past and discover the kind of education during the Spanish period.
Are you ready?
Uno, dos, tres, come ‘on!
was based on the European system
They have also school that time. Do you know it?
parochial schools
Spanish missionaries
3R’s, Music and Arts and Trade
Reading and writing in Spanish, character education and music

Doctrina Christiana
Fr. Juan de Plasencia
Hooray! That's it!
Do the girls and boys have the same school that time?
Let's find out!
Schools for boys
College of Manila –
College of San Ignacio (1859)
University of San Ignacio (1621)
first university but was closed
College of San Ildefonso in Cebu (1595)- reopened
Colegio Seminario de San Carlos (1783)
University of San Carlos (1948)
College of San Jose in Manila (1601)
Escuela Pia (1859)-
Ateneo de Manila University
College of Holy Rosary (1611)-
College of Santo Thomas
University of Santo Tomas (1645)
Upon request of King Philip IV, raised by Pope Innocent X
Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Theology and Humanities

College of San Juan de Letran (1630)
oldest existing college for boys in the Philippines
Schools for girls
regular schools for girls
combined school for nunnery

College of Santa Potenciana (1549)
College of Santa Isabel (1632)
oldest existing college for girls
Beaterio de la Compania de Jesus (1674)-
St. Mary’s College
college exclusively for Filipino girls
Beaterio de la Santa Catalina (1696)
Beaterio de San Sebastian (1719)
College of Santa Rosa (1869)
College of San Concordia (1869)
Assumption Convent School (1892)

Spanish culture, religion, religious songs and home art (cooking, sewing, and embroidery)
Wow! Since that time, there were many schools established in the Philippines.
How about the Education Decree of 1868?
methods of farming, cultivation of plants like corn, cotton, wheat, and various crafts like painting, carpentry, masonry and dyeing.
Think, Pair Share!
Education During the Spanish era
Education today
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