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Boomtown's Seaside Cliff

No description

joeseph allen

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Boomtown's Seaside Cliff

Boomtown's Seaside Cliff
Geology Report
Landslides have not happened recently but there is a chance of them because of erosion.
Chances of flooding is very low because the cliff is raised ground.
Although erosion is common, it can be easily slowed with certain structures
The cliff is a very flat place to build. There will be a lot of good room to build. We will take all the caution necessary to avoid the small chance of a landslide. There will be a seawall to protect the cliff and greatly slow erosion. We will put jetties to cause deposition on the beach.
Homes on Seaside cliff
The Ecologist Report
Boom towns Seaside cliff would be a good place to live because although there would be a chance of erosion we can add plants such bushes and saplings to reduce chances of erosion.
There may be the ocean but the chances of flooding are very small considering the cliff is high up and there are ways to put breakwaters and sea walls up to prevent floods.
Also there are ways to remove and relocate and animals so no animals would be hurt or killed.
Homes built on the Seaside cliff may have
the pretty ocean view, But erosion can
cost thousands of dollars to fix the homes
being effected.
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