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Isabo Lezano

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of MEXICO

Family oriented
Fictive kinship (relation established through godfathers and godmothers)
Hosting parties at their homes plays a large part of Mexican life and make visitors feel comfortable is part of their customs
They adore fun, music and a fiesta, yet in many ways are deeply serious. They work hard but relax and enjoy life to the full in their time off.
They’re hospitable and warm to guests, yet are most truly themselves only within their family group. They will laugh at death, but have a profound vein of spirituality
Some parts stills remain a male-centric society - "machismo"
Capital : Mexico City
Language : Spanish
Population: 118 395 054 approx (2013)
96 055 Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia
Alberta and Manitoba

Currency: Peso (MXN) 1 MXN = 0.084 / 1 CAN = 11.90

Religion: Roman Catholicism

After the conquest by SPANISH, Mexican indigenous people accepted Catholic beliefs and practices, but they did so on the basis of their pre-Hispanic religious beliefs.
As a result, Mexican folk Catholicism is described as "syncretism"

VIRGIN OF GUADALUPE, most important icon of Mexican culture, viewed as the mother of all Mexicans
The eagle represents the myth of foundation of

United Mexican States
Constitute the heart of Mexican dishes:
consumed in all possible forms:
- as a cooked or roasted corncob (elote)
- cooked grain of corn
- porridge (atole)
- as wrapped and steamed dough with filling (tamal)
- tortilla
Hot peppers (chile)
Primarily a fusion of indigenous Mesoamerican cooking with European, especially Spanish
Aguas frescas
When sick...
many Mexicans prefer to visit a traditional curandero – a kind of cross between a naturopath and a witch doctor – rather than resort to a modern medico
Locals in much of Mexico are accustomed to foreign visitors and are tolerant of their strange ways. But dressing conservatively is still recommended in small towns, churches and in places off the beaten track.
Mexicans love to hear that you’re enjoying their country, and will appreciate if you start ay conversation with a few words of Spanish. As a rule, Mexicans are slow to criticize or argue, expressing disagreement more by nuance than by blunt contradiction. An invitation to a Mexican home is an honor for an outsider; as a guest you will be treated hospitably and will enter a part of the real Mexico to which few outsiders are admitted. Take a small gift if you can, such as flowers.
Son Jarocho Music festival
Festival de Mexico
Cultural festival in Mexico city, offering: music, dance, gastronomy, visual arts, theater and movies. Takes almost two weeks!
A colorful tradition deeply rooted in indigenous culture. For Mexicans, death is more a cause for celebration than mourning.
Day of Dead
It's a very large industry
The most notable attractions are the Meso-American ruins, cultural festivals, colonial cities, nature reserves and the beach resorts.
From Mexico to Canada
In 2012, British Columbia was the most popular Canadian destination, capturing 39% of all province visits, followed by Ontario at 27% and Quebec at 22%
According to the Canadian Tourism Commission
In January 2013 and 2014

Overseas visitors entering Canada expending one or more nights
14 Mexican visitors were in Nova Scotia (2014)
37 Mexican visitors (2013)
Web References
Chichen Itza

The most cash you can take into Mexico is 5,000 us dollars. If you have more they will investigate you.
The most you can take is $10,000 otherwise you have to declare it and pay taxes on over $10,000. The best thing to do and seems to be the best exchange rate is leave the majority of your money in an account in the U.S. and use your debit card at an ATM in Mexico. They are all over the place.

Frida Kahlo
Music is everywhere in Mexico. It comes booming out of the sound systems in markets and passing automobiles, and live musicians may start up at any time, or plazas, in buses or on the Mexico City metro These performers are playing for a living and range from marimba teams and mariachi bands (trumpeters, violinists, guitarists, and a singer, all dressed in smart wild west – style costumes) to ragged lone buskers with out of tune guitars. Mariachi music, perhaps the most typical Mexican music, originated in the Guadalajara area but is played nationwide
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