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hannah dayag

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Pinted Reference: PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NO. 1006 by Hannah Monina S. Dayag
What is really the use of education? They said education is not achieved by merely reading a book instead education is gained through experiences in our daily struggle in life. There are two kinds of education, intellectual and emotional. This play illustrates the big contribution of a teacher to a student. A teacher that who looked upon to by her students, which help them to understood their real aspects and aims in life. Students reminisce the ups and downs of being a student and how great having a supportive teacher in their lives. Teachers are the most critical group among the society of the world today. They are not only the most influential people to the knowledge of students but also the individuals who make it possible to expand the boundary of life and how we can understand it to the... SUMMARY PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NO. 1006 Results REACTION Sketches PROVIDING FOR THE PROFESSIONALIZATION OF TEACHERS, REGULATING THEIR PRACTICE IN THE PHILIPPINES AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES WHEREAS... This presidential decree is in recognition of the vital role of teachers in nation building and as an incentive to raise the morale of teachers, it is imperative that they would be considered as professionals and teaching be recognized as profession that’s why it is also called as the Decree Professio- nalizing Teaching. It declared that teacher education shall be given primary concern and attention by the government and shall be of the highest quality, and strongly oriented to Philip- pine conditions and to the needs and aspirations of the Filipino people even as it seeks enrichment from adaptable ideas and practice of other people. In this sense, teachers more importance in the society as professionals. were given This decree is also involved in the creation of the National Board for Teachers. The National Board for Teachers have certain powers and duties given by this decree. Also, this decree tackles specific qualifi- cation requirements for the examination of teacher applicants. Bilbao, P. P. et.(2012)The teaching profession. Metro Manila: Lorimar Publishing, Inc. On-line Reference: http://www.studymode.com/ essays/One-Way-Or-Another-82222 0.html?topic - date of access: 02-16-13 All education institutions shall be under the supervision of the STATE. State shall establish and maintain a...
...integrated system of education relevant
Department of Education, Culture, and Sports DepEd
Department of Education Adopted WAYS and MEANS of OVERSEEING ALL the EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. DECS ensures that educational institutions inculcate students'

1. love for country

2. teach duties of citizenship

3. develop moral

4. personal discipline

5. scientific technological and vocational efficiency Teachers whose direct and continuing interaction with students make them POTENT FORCES for the... DEVELOPMENT OF PROPER ATTITUDES AMONG THE CITIZENRY. Tremendous growth of the teaching profession, comprising civil service sector alone--more than 300,000 teachers are deployed. To insure the teacher recruitment qualitative requirements are not overlooked, it is necessary to regulate the teaching profession. In recognition of the VITAL ROLE of TEACHERS in NATION-BUILDING and to RAISE the MORALE of TEACHERS, it is imperative they be recognized as PROFESSIONALS and teaching as a PROFESSION. President Ferdinand E. Marcos January 1, 1977 Section 1. Decree Professionalizing Teaching Section 2. The declaration of policy that teacher education shall be:
given primary & attention
highest quality & oriented to Philippine conditions Section 3. Definition of terms
Teaching = profession
Teacher = persons engaged in teaching
Board = refers to the National Board for Teachers duly constituted under this Decree Section 4. Creation of NBT
1. Secretary of Education & Culture
2. Chairman, Civil Service Commission
3. Commissioner, Professional Regulations Commission
4. Two members representing the private sector to be appointed by the Presidents Section 5. Powers and Duties of NBT
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