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Make Your Organization "Social": Useful Tactics of Marketing Through Social Media

Presented at LIVE GOLD Leadership Conference at LSU, September 2012

Kendra Bayne

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Make Your Organization "Social": Useful Tactics of Marketing Through Social Media

Make Your Organization
"Social": Useful Tactics of Marketing
Through Social Media Kendra Bayne
Coordinator, Marketing
University Recreation The WHY What makes social media so important? "Platforms for interaction and networking. All the traditional media — print, broadcast, search, and so on — provide platforms for delivery of ads near and around relevant content. Social media are platforms for interaction and relationships, not content and ads.” SOCIAL MEDIA CREATES Print
vs. Social Print Social One-way Static Two-way Conversational 2.7 billion likes/day 250 million photos uploaded/day 170 millions tweets/day "Castle in the Sky” TV screening
had 25,088 tweets per second. Other popular social media avenues #3 most popular site on web 12 million visitors, 97% female Over 30 million users The WHAT The
HOW The WHO The WHEN Facebook Twitter TEXT Which type of post
is most effective? Gather information Topics to cover
Event details
Photos Schedule Organize posts by content topics
Utilize social media tools to plan ahead
Messages rolling out with ease Execute Be available to followers
Be a voice for your organization
Be timely & interactive
Be real
SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Consistent voice for organization is key to success. YES NO Entertaining
Precise Dull
Behind the curve
Defense Your "WHO" should be... Typical student
organization Posts Industry information
Direct marketing of events
Garner interest of potential new members Research shows that the main reason people retweet
is interesting content. Chairpersons complete assignments Content is released automatically, fill in as conversation evolves Marketing chairperson reviews content, schedules out in Hootsuite for semester Decide who should be involved in creating your organization's social media plan. Marketing Chairperson requests content Fill in Google document with content VIDEOS LINKS PHOTOS Data collected on more than 1.3 million posts
published on the top 10,000 pages. Likes Comments Shares TIPS FOR TWEETING Tweet between 120-130 characters
Place links 1/4 of way through
Use action verbs
Link to photos
"Behind the scenes"
#hashtag it @ # #LSU16 Suggested implementation plan Sharing and re-tweeting can go a lot further than you think. “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin Facebook The best day and time to share Wednesday at 3 p.m. Twitter The how often Facebook Twitter There is no magic number to how often you should post. But one thing is for certain, don't be a ghost. Once per day
More if needed
Do not "overwhelm" your followers Constant conversation
Schedule out 2-3 tweets/day, then respond, engage as needed IN A NUTSHELL. Formulate a social media plan for your student organization. Create interesting content your
followers want to read. Have fun with it! Be available for your followers: day or night,
rain or shine. Questions?

Download/view this presentation online at http://bit.ly/LIVEGOLDSocialMedia
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