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Git Essentials

Git Tutorial for NTUEESA

Johnson Liang

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Git Essentials

Git Essentials MrOrz fraig fraig_original fraig_newer fraig_new fraig_even_newer fraig_1220 fraig_1221 fraig Which version am I in? What's the difference
between these two versions? I'm screwed. What did I changed? Oh I've edited within the wrong version! One folder Changed
File Staged File Committed
File commit #325a74 commit #65ae32 commit #74352a commit #652dba commit #as14d3 git log
Nothing to Commit (Working directory clean) Repository Working directory one branch
all contents
changed file waiting to be "staged" picture from: http://goo.gl/DxWD Staging Area files awaiting to be commited
commit = send to repository (change a file) Very Simple Workflow A little bit too simple... git add <filename> git commit git checkout -- <filename> git rm --cached <filebane> git reset --hard (discard changes) || git revert HEAD (creates new commit) git push git pull Remote Repository github.com
project locker
beanstalk .git git init sudo apt-get install git-core
"Git For Windows Developers" -http://goo.gl/DxWD Installation Mysterious Black Box. Don't bother figuring that out :P The repository
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