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No description

devin asbill

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Greetings

Greetings displayed by saying good morning or afternoon followed by a handshake, which is the same in Britain and England
have fast food restaurant but prefer the traditional homemade welsh food such as cawl, bara, and welsh cakes on fruit scones cooked on a griddle.
welsh people are short, have dark hair and dark eyes. welsh men tend to wear a bright waistcoat, a jacket a fishu, breeches, stockings and a black hat. welsh woman often wore a striped flannel petticoat, worn under a flannel open-fronted bedgown, with an apron, shawl and kerchief or cap
can travel by:


north-sou or east-west, no northwest to southeast.
some reasons to visit wales would be to see some castles or see where some popular movies were filmed at.
welsh people do the customary waving and shaking hands, they also bow before royalty.

one rude gesture would be to show your index finger and middle finger to somebody.
men in wales tend to meet in a local bar while the women stay at home and sew or cook homemade meals.
here is the youtube link for the video, if you've watched the video i think it should go first before we talk and introduce them to wales or we can do it after wards and say welcome to wales. however you want to do it
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