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Ender's Game- Theme Isolation

No description

Kai Bailey

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Ender's Game- Theme Isolation

Quote - "I told you. His isolation can't be broken. He can never come to believe that anybody will help him out, ever" Ch. 5 Pg. 38 Quote - "He recognized that they were isolating him again, this time not by setting the other students to hating him, but rather by giving them no opportunity to become friends. He could have hardly become close to most of them anyway - except for Ender, the other students were well into adolescence." Ch. 14 Pg. 258 Quote - "With Ender we have to strike a delicate balance. Isolate him enough that he remains creative - otherwise he'll adopt the system here and will lose him." Ch. 4 Pg. 27 Quote - "People can undergo a sudden change of thinking and loyalties under threat of death or intense social pressure and isolation from friends and family." Keith Henson Quote - "Obviously. But the connection is there. Ender Wiggin must believe that no matter what happens, no adult will ever, ever step in to help him in any way. He must believe, to the core of his soul, that he can only do what he and the other children work out for themselves. If he does not believe that then he will never reach the peak of his abilities."
Ch.12 Pg. 202 By: Kai Bailey Ender's Game Theme: Isolation Connection - The image and quote are connected because like Enders situation in the quote, the boy in the picture is having trouble fitting in due to an age difference. Throughout the novel Colonel Graff uses an age difference to isolate Ender. This begins when he is prematurely moved into the Salamander Army, and was used again in his command school. Not only does this strategy hurt the relationships that Ender has developed (such as Alai) it prevents him from making any future ones and therefore isolates him. Connection - The quote and image are connected
as they both symbolize isolation as the key
to creativity. In the image the girl is shown as
blind to the outside world and therefore releases
an array of creative thought, while the quote describes isolation as the only way to keep creativity. Colonel Graff took extensive measures to assure that Ender remained isolated and creative. This included beginning a rivalry between him and Bernard, moving him into an army early and shifting him from class to class in command school. Even before Ender entered battle school he was isolated because of his monitor. Connection - The image and quote are related
as they both demonstrate exclusion at the
hand of others. In the image the boy is involuntarily being
excluded from the group while the quote represents the same circumstances but from the point of view of the isolator. Ender faced three situations were he had to deal with being excluded. This included Stillson and his friends, Bernard and the other Launchies and Bonzo. Not only were these situations a form of training for Ender but they provided a way for Colonel Graff to isolate him. Connection - The quote and picture relate because like Ender, the boy in the picture believes that no one will help him. In the novel Ender faces many problems alone. At the beginning in challenges such as the rivalry with Bernard and altercation in the game room, Ender did not recognize that there were no adults to help him. As the story progressed Colonel Graff continued to leave Ender unaided even as he entered a deadly situation with Bonzo. In his final fight against Bonzo, Ender at last realized nobody would ever help him. He was truly isolated. Connection - The picture and quote relate as
they both portray the harm that comes with being isolated from your family. In the novel Ender was separated from his family at the age
of six. With intense social pressure and threat
of death he promptly shifted his personality
from a passive and kind to aggressive and hostile. The isolation from his family was furthered by Colonel Graff allowing Ender to read his family’s letters but not allowing him to send any back. All in all, Ender was isolated from his family as relations with them were broken.
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