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Career Family Tree

I decided to interview those that I know that are from all different walks of education, work environment, and life.

Astara Blain

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Career Family Tree

Career Family Tree Jennifer Armendarez: English Major Major/Career Training? Job Title/Everyday Activities What Do You Like About Your Job? Rudy Barrera: Science/Diesel Tech Major, But did not finish school. Erica Barrera: no college. Training in Law Enforcement/Emergency Services. Rudy Barrera: CEO of CHAMPSTAR, Trucking Company. Erica Barrera: 911 & Non-Emergency Call Taking, Central Control for Jail Facility, Civil/Criminal process book keeping, records, and inmate case filing. Jennifer Armendarez: High School English & Theater Teacher/One Act Play Director Jennifer Armendarez: Being with the kids and watching for that moment when they get "it". Rudy Barrera: Having a personal relationship with my employees. Satisfaction of completing a job. Erica Barrera: Helping People. What Do You Wish Was Different About it? Jennifer Armendarez: That the state would stay out of my business more. Rudy Barrera: Be able to dispatch more trucks to produce more well paying jobs. Erica Barrera: Better public awareness. Most people don't fully understand what we can and can't do for them. Too many non-emergency calls on 911. How Did You Get Involved with this Job? Jennifer Armendarez: I hopped from job to job until I started to teach life skills to MHMR clients. I wanted to be a physical therapist for a while but after that job with MHMR I knew I was a teacher. Rudy Barrera: Born into a construction owning family and decided to start my own construction business to sub contract with the existing family business and keep more outgoing money in the family. Erica Barrera: A family member mentioned the opening and insisted I apply. What Other Careers/Jobs Have You Had In Your Life? Jennifer Armendarez: Clerk at the Blue Stamp Store, Waitress, Mail Delivery, Life Skills Coach, Registered Home Day Care Provider, Substitute Teacher. Rudy Barrera: Worked drive-thru window for 3 months at local Dairy Queen, Level 3 Heavy Machinery Tech for Warren Caterpillar. Erica Barrera: Three years in food service and one year in retail. Why Did You Stop Doing Each of These? Jennifer Armendarez: It was not what I loved to do and we moved A LOT. Rudy Barrera: Hated Dairy Queen Job and Warren Caterpillar terminated the diesel tech/intern program. Erica Barrera: Moved to a new city, lay-offs. What Makes a Job Interesting to You? Jennifer Armendarez: Because of the kids. Getting to know them, help them, and motivate them. Rudy Barrera: Anything hands on and challenging. Erica Barrera: It's almost completely unpredictable. Keeps you on your toes. What about a Job leads one to be Happy? Jennifer Armendarez: Doing what you love is the most important thing. I know some people that have a lot more money than I could ever dream of having being a teacher, but none of them are as content with their job! Rudy Barrera: Satisfaction of completing your job on a daily basis. Erica Barrera: Enjoying and believing in what you do. If You Could Not Do the Profession/Job You Are Currently Doing, What Would You Choose Instead? Jennifer Armendarez: At the moment I cannot see myself doing anything else. But since the question says I can't teach, I would be a Hollywood Director! If I'm gonna dream, I might as well dream big! Rudy Barrera: Own/Operate a small sports bar. Erica Barrera: Cosmetology or photography. Or even work in a bakery. Aaron Blain: Professional Development Degree. Aaron Blain: Underwriter, assist risk for commercial trucking. Aaron Blain: Hours, analyzing Data, work environment. Aaron Blain: More out of office stuff and more money. Aaron Blain: It was dumb luck at first, knew someone working there and then I was transferred. Aaron Blain: Found better opportunity with Chartis. Aaron Blain: Money, desire to excel up, and learning new things. Aaron Blain: Money to support myself, a good relationship with my boss, and a minimal stress level environment. Aaron Blain: Something with animals. I would love to be a marine biologist. Tangela Blain: A BBA in Accounting. Tangela Blain: I am responsible for all of the financial reporting cash management, financial forcasting, and working with those who invest in my company. Tangela Blain: I love make the business better every day. I have the opportunity to lead people in process improvement. I like finding ways to present information to the executive team that supports quality decision making. Tangela Blain: I wish I didn't have to spend so much time reviewing other people's work for accuracy. But it's part of the job. Tangela Blain: I was looking for a job that allowed me to work with data and people. I also wanted a career that paid well. So I studied to go into public accounting. After 3 years in public accounting, I found that I liked working for a business helping build that business. So I got out of public accounting and went to work "in industry." Tangela Blain: I earned my spending money in high school working as a DJ. Does that count? Tangela Blain: Got my degree and starting looking for a way to start using it. Tangela Blain: Something different every day. Finding ways to add value and make things a little better than the way I found it. Tangela Blain: Challenge and the knowledge that I am adding value. That those that work for me can rely on me to do the right thing. Tangela Blain: Teaching.
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