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Catalina Marketing

Scott Jordan

Zac Jordan

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Catalina Marketing

Scott Jordan By: Zac Jordan Catalina Marketing is the global leader in:
Consumer behavior based marketing solutions

Providing to:
Brand manufacturers retailers
Healthcare providers

Sophisticated database
Allows for the ability to reach consumers and patients with precision targeting on mass scale.
Monitoring consumers’ actual purchasing behavior SCOTT JORDAN
Started in 1997
Executive Director of Business Development
Four people report directly to him
Enjoys collaborating with clients

2005- President of Presidents Club Set quota record for Dir. of Business Development- $15.1 Million
Team gernerates- about $20 Million Business to business development of major consumer product companies
Responsibility MARS Candy StarKist Tuna HJ Heinz Butterball Role:
Retain new customers
Gain awareness of household penetration
Act as a "chameleon" In-Office
Plan meetings
Follow up meetings (call, e-mail)
Review: Strengths Weaknesses Importance Main focus: After making sale, next day work to re-new sale
Satisfy complaints
Adjust plans Travel Days: 5 a.m. airport Meet with client and provide overview of Catalina Present where client is strong and weak Customized proposal/ solution to meet client needs What I learned:
Hard work and effort is rewarded
Corporate Structure
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