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The Devil's Arithmetic

5th block

Chloe Costea

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of The Devil's Arithmetic

The Devil's Arithmetic Characters Hannah (Chaya)- Hannah is the main character
who gets transported back in time and takes the
place of chaya in the Holocaust.
Gitl and Smuel- Gitl and Shmuel are brother and sister
who live in the same house. They take care of Chaya
after her parents die.
Fayge- Fayge becomes close to the family when she
comes close to marrying Shmuel.
Rivka- Rivka in the past was a very smart person in the
camp. She was helpful toward all of Chaya's family. In
the future she is Hannah's aunt. Rachel, Ester and Yente- These three girls are introduced
in the beginning. They quickly become friends with Hannah. Remembering Hannah Stern was tired of family gatherings. Everytime she celebrates something it is always about remembering the Holocaust. During a passover Seder, Hannah was asked to open the door for the prophet Elijah. When she opened the door she was looking at the 1940's. The Wedding When Hannah is transported back in time she becomes Chaya. Chaya lives with her aunt and uncle Gitl and Shmuel. Shmuel plans to marry Fayge that day. When everyone meets for the wedding, Chaya meets Esther, Rachel and Yente. soon after they arrive at the wedding Nazis soldiers take them and ship them off to the camps. The wedding never happened. The Camps Jane Yolen
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