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10 tips that will strengthen your marriage.

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Angelo Vale Junior

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of 10 tips that will strengthen your marriage.

Thank You!
#7 - Hey Husbands, if you want to improve things in the Bedroom, start by serving your wife in other rooms of the house. Something as practical as doing the dishes or folding laundry could end up being good foreplay!
#9 - Married Couples often say things were more fun “back when they were dating.” Don’t stop dating your spouse just because you’re married! Bring the fun back and make “Date Night” a priority!
Angelo Vale Jr.
10 tips that will strengthen your marriage.
#1 - Husbands, Love your Wives Well! Your children are noticing how you treat her. You are teaching your Sons how they should treat Women and you are teaching your Daughters what they should expect from Men.
#2 - Be VERY careful about having friends of the opposite sex. If you have a “friend” that you tell things to that you don’t tell your spouse, then you are creating toxic situation. Affairs don’t start in the bedroom; they start with conversations, emails, texts and communication that lead down a dangerous path. Protect your Marriage!
#3 - Don’t be jealous of somebody else’s Marriage; invest in your own! If the Grass looks Greener on the other side, you need to stay home and water your own grass.
#4 - Don’t complain about your Spouse’s flaws…they are the very reasons why he/she didn’t find a spouse better than you!
#5 - A marriage only works when both partners are fully committed. When only one spouse is doing all the work, it’s like trying to swim with one arm tied behind your back…you only go in circles. Work together. Serve each other. Always Love each other.
#6 - Don’t put your marriage on hold while you’re raising your kids or else you’ll end up with an empty nest and an empty marriage.
#8 - Don’t focus on improving your Marriage…Focus on improving Yourself, serving your Spouse and growing daily in your relationship with God and your marriage will start improving on its own!
#10 - Your words have the power to build up our spouse or to tear them down; to bring out the best in them or the worst in them. Choose to be their biggest Encourager, not their biggest Critic. Be the one who wipes away their tears, not the one who causes them.
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