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Jaskiran Plaha

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of 1950s

Fashion & Clothing
Trends and Fads in Fashion and Hair Men
Men would get a flat top crew cut
Rebellious teenagers would wear leather jackets and grease their hair into a ducktail as inspired by West Side Story
Got the name greasers
Typical looks included striped jackets, waistcoats and creased pants
Fads and trends in movies
Denim was a big thing with the classic blue Levi's jeans and men would wear them as well as teenagers
Shoes men wore were Converse Chuck Taylors All-Stars, wingtips and penny-loafers
Car hops- teenagers loved going to drive-ins and burger joints
Sat in their cars and waited for waitresses on rollar skates to come and take their order
Music in the 1950's:Fads
Trends and Fads in Womenswear
Fashion was inspired by Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis
Dresses were generally tight bodiced and full skirted
Accsessories included cat eyed glasses, white gloves introduced by Dior and berets introduced Balenciaga
With a rapid rise of television, movies were losing their audience
3-D movies took people away from television
The 1952 movie Bwana Devil was the first major box office success
Dresses and skirt patterns included florals,stripes and polka-dots
Peplum tops and sinched waist blazers were worn
Girls would wear bermuda shorts and loose t-shirts as a casual look
Jazz was a popular music genre in the 50's.
Popular artists in the 1950's were:
Nat King Cole
Frank Sinatra
Ray Charles
Trends Music in 1950's
Rock 'n' Roll
Rock music was a trend
Most popular music genre in the 1950's
Teens used rock music as an act of rebellion
Not as popular as it was in the 50's, but is still enjoyed.
Elvis is a popular rock 'n' roll artist
Play- Doh
Mr. Potato Head
Hair and Makeup
Bold red lips lost their popularity and women would wear different shades such as red-oranges, pinks and purples
Women adopted new hair styles such as pixie cuts and teenagers wore ponytails wrapped with a scarf
Etch- a- Sketch
How well do you know the 50's?

Army Men
Tonka Trucks
No longer is a popular genre of music
What hairstyle was it that men would get?
Baseball Cards
Women apply heavy foundation to cover up every blemish and highlighted one beauty mark with a crayon
Artichoke cuts and bouffant cuts were very popular
A. Buzz cut
B. Flat top crew cut
C. Trim
D. Trim with layers
Metal House Robots
Icons that influenced Fashion in the 1950s
Flat top crew cut
What type of shoes did men wear?
A. Nike
B. Chuck Taylors
C. Keds
D. All of the above
Chuck Taylors
Who's initials MM was it that inspired
women's fashion in the 50's?
A. Mandy Moore
B. Mini Mouse
C. Marilyn Monroe
D. Maria Menounos
Marilyn Monroe
What dress and skirt
pattern did women not
A. Floral
B. Leopard
C. Stripes
D. Polka-dots
Play- Doh is a modelling compound that was launched in the mid 1950s
More than 2 billion cans were sold from 1958-2005
Play- Doh has a spot in the National Toy Hall of Fame
Audrey Hepburn
Marilyn Monroe
James Dean
Grace Kelly
Elvis Presley
What were roller skates used for?
A. Roller derby tournaments
B. Waitresses to take orders
C. Roller blade for fun
D. None of the above
Waitresses to take orders
What music legend(s) were
in this decade?
A. Michael Jackson
B. The Beetles
C. Elvis Presley
D. Bob Marley
Elvis Presley
Which genre of music from the 50's
is still enjoyed today?
A. Hip Hop
B. Rock'n'Roll
C. R&B
D. Indian Pop
What was the fad for fashion for teenagers?
A. Leather jackets and greased hair
B. Skinny jeans and a shirt
C. Sweatpants and a sweater
D. Suit and tie
Leather jackets and greased hair
What are some toy trends that still occur today?
A. Play-Doh
B. Barbie
C.Ant farms
D. A&B
Play-Doh and Barbie
What were rebellious
teenagers called?
A. G's
B. Bro's
C. Greasers
D. None of the above
The End
The first Barbie Doll was marketed as a teen fashion model and came with a signature high ponytail, a vertically striped bathing suit and was available as both a blonde and a brunette.
Creators used television to advertise Barbie
Barbie was different from other dolls. (There mainly baby dolls, not adult/teenager dolls.) That is why she was a huge success.
advertised on Television and in Life Magazine
parts were sold as cereal box prizes
encouraged kids to eat breakfast
Atomic Energy Lab
Wooly Willy
Ant Farms
Ant farms were created to provide entertainment.
Weren't that successful because kids turned to television as a source of entertainment.
Sold from 1950-1952
Kids enjoyed the idea of being a "scientist".
Included four Uranium bearing ore samples, potassium nitrate (a component of gunpowder) and a chemical that would be classified as poison these days (sodium ferrocyanide). The Atomic Energy Lab was positively glowing with danger.
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