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Global Advertising and Marketing

No description

James Dooms

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Global Advertising and Marketing

Chapter 4; Global marketing & Advertising: Dimensions of culture

By: Celine, Polona, Jasmina, James Classifying cultures looking at institutions of society
observing and comparing behavior
asking people Hofstede's Five Dimensions of Culture Masculinity- Femininity

Power Distance


Uncertainty Avoidance

Long Term Orientation Question to ask:
How interdependent are members in a society?

In group vs Out group

Example: China collectivist (20), United Kingdom individualist (89) Question to ask:
To what extent do people perceive inequality as normal?

High Power Distance
Power as scarce resource
Natural and inevitable
Centralization of power
Example: Arab Emirates (90)

Low Power Distance
Hardly differences in power
Work leads to power
Superiority not rigid
Example: Austria (11)

Question to ask:
How is the relationship between gender and gender-appropriate behavior?

Distinct roles
Men: Ambitious, assertive and competitive
Women: nurture, respectful and supportive
Example: Japan (95)

Less rigid gender roles
More equality between genders
Interpersonal relationships
Example: Netherlands (14) Question to ask:
To what extent does the society show a practical future-oriented perspective rather than a conventional historical short-term angle?

Pursuit of happiness/ peace of mind

Example: Spain short-term oriented (19), Brazil long-term oriented (65)

The impact of differences in culture
Host markets vs home market

Alex Inkeles and Daniel Levinson

Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck

Fons Trompenaars


Edward Hall

Geert Hofstede

Japan and China vs Western countries

Time orientation toward the past, present or future

Time is linear or circular

Monochromic (M-time) and polychromic (P-time) time

Cause and effect Dimensions of time Mastery over nature

Harmony with nature

Subjugation to nature Relationship of man with nature Power Distance Individualist - Collectivist Question to ask:
How does a society deal with the unknown future?

Personal Appearance

Example: High uncertainty avoidance in South Korea (85) Uncertainty Avoidance Long-term/short-term oriented How does one use culture for one’s profit? Analysis on “basic
common problems” High-context vs low-context cultures Masculine/Feminine Society
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