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The Drake Universe

No description

Drake International

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of The Drake Universe

The Drake Universe
Career Transition Services
Probation Review
Learning and Content Management
WHS Policy and Procedures
HR Consulting
Succession Planning
Employee Assistance Programs
Performance Appraisals
Leadership Development and Coaching
Team Building
Learning Management Systems
Training and Development Courses
Permanent Recruitment
Temporary Staffing
Vertical Talent
Huntel Global
Drake Recruitment Services
Drake Industrial
Drake Overload
Drake Medox
Behavioural Assessments
Cognitive Ability Assessments
Emotional Intelligence Assessments
Sales Person Assessments
Drake P3
Drake Picasso
SPQ Gold
BarOn EQ
Drake Evolve Probation Review
Coaching / Mentoring
Exponential Impact LMS
Drake Safety WHS Consulting
Professional Development Courses
Exponential Impact LMS
Desktop Training Courses
Executive Coaching
Professional Development Seminars
Team Building Workshops
Salary Survey
Culture Survey
Engagement Survey
Actualizer Succession Planning Software
Drake Workwise EAP
Drake Evolve Performance Appraisal
HR Consulting
Exit Interviews
Outplacement Services
Resilience Workshops
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