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Calvinist Church

Calvinist Church Collage

Tazio Capozzola

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Calvinist Church

Calvinist Church By Group 2 1541 John Calvin Calvinism 3a. They depended on God to be saved 1b. Bible : The true source of religious guidance 2b. Blasphemy is a very serious crime for the Calvinists 3b. Lawbreakers were punished 4b. Anyone who sinned was also committing a crime 1a. Strict rules 2a. Predestination 1c. Attended service over five times a week 2c. Services included sermons which lasted for hours 3c. Minister preached on a pulpit 1d. Theocracy 2d. Baby's names came only from the Bible 3d. Calvinists family's homes and inns were checked by the church leaders if any rules have been broken b REFERENCES History Alive Textbook GOOGLE Images
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