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Violence in Sport

No description

Evan Howieson

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Violence in Sport

Owner -> Shaw Media

Producer -> News Anchor, Dawna Friesen

Consumer -> General audience, with a focus on concerned parents
Invested viewers aware of the debate
Owner/ Producer/Audience
Message: Supporters of fighting exist within the NHL

- Voices of Authority
- Language & Tone
- Statistics
- Imagery

- Jackson Katz "Tough Guise"

Message: Fighting should be banned from the NHL

- Imagery
- Voices of Authority
- Emotional Appeal
- Language

- Labeling Theory

Message: Detrimental effects of fighting

- Emotional Appeal
- Imagery
- Language & Tone

- Social Learning Theory
- Rational Choice Theory
Media Piece
Final Verdict: Not Guilty
Rational: hockey includes contact that can appear to be a criminal act
Although, it is "Part of the game" and player's have "assumed risk"
The injury was relatively minor
Takes away from free and fierce competition
New York Trial
Violence in Sport
Ellen Cadman, Matthew Fleming, Evan Howieson, and Sarah Todorski
Recreational hockey game
After play ends defendant punched complainant in the neck, causing head to hit the crossbar
Concussion and minor injuries were sustained
Non-contact league
Continuation of the debate over violence in sport
Distortion of the role of violence in hockey
The law is not as serious regarding violence in sports
Desired solution is a jurisprudential approach
Anastasio, Phyllis A., Diana M. Costa. 2004. "Twice Hurt: How Newspaper Coverage may Reduce Empathy and Engender Blame for Female Victims of Crime." Sex Roles: A Journal of Research 51:535.

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