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80s teenage life/ my life

No description

kasey caelwaerts

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of 80s teenage life/ my life

hairsyles in 1981 the hairstyle in 1981 was the big poofy in front and lodded with hair spray. Teenage life in 1981! my life in 2010 movie stars 1_chuck norris
2_tom cruise
3_eddie murphy
4_mel gibbson
5_steve marta Jobs in 1981 1_hair solonists
3_consruction School in 1981 1_most people procrasinated for a exam.
2_education was hard to get.
3_didn't teach as much. music in 1981 1_ funky town
2_ call me
3_ he's so shy
4_ take your time
5_ frame hobbies in 1981 fishing,bmxing
,tv,and kick the can. fashion in 1981 1_bright in colors
2_funky pokadotted
3_poofy dresses cartoons in 1981 1_the brucen bears
3_the california rasiens
4_the care bears
5_spider man cars in 1981 1_ford mustang
2_chevorett corvette
3_poniac transam
4_ford fiesta
5_cadillac coupe de ville Teenage life in 1981 compared
to teenage life in 2010! movie stars in 2010 1_adam sandler
2_angelina jolie
3_edward cullin hair styles in 2010 boys-long in front
mediem in back
girls-short in front
long in back jobs in 2010 1_construction
2_film making
3_road work school in 2010 no uniforms,alot more homework,have to study for tests music in 2010 1_metal
5_rock hobbies in 2010 1_farming
3_building fashion in 2010 long,sparkly dresses with a purse most times cartoons in 2010 1_teenage mutent ninja turtles
3_spider-man cars in 2010 1_acura mxd
3_audi r8 THE END!
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