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Employee Onboarding

No description

samar ahmed

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of Employee Onboarding

Employee On Boarding
Company History
Nasser Sport Center has been in retail since 1984. Nasser Sport Center is part of Faisal Al Rasheed Group of companies.

The group is family owned and operated. Nasser Sport Center is a retail company working in in Fashion, Footwear and Sport Equipment.

Where are we
Faisal Al Rasheed Group
In 2006 Faisal Al Rasheed Group entered food retail with Al Sakhra Restaurant and Coffee Shop
To Nasser Sport Center Family, We’re excited about having you and being a part of your career journey
So lets get started
FRG expand outside Kuwait
In September 2014 Nasser Sport Center opened the N-Academy in house training institute, providing retail training and employee development and building career path for all grades.
In 2009 year Nasser Sport Center opened the N-Sport, activity club for the employee, encouraging their social life.

To be the Global Value retailer where customer can confidently satisfy their shopping desire
Employee Leaves
Nasser Sport Center started with one Showroom and today the company operates 47 stores in 6 markets.
In 2009 we also enter the advertising world with establishing Pana Ad. For advertising.
In 2000 we entered the Training Industry with United Arab Consultants
In House Training
Out House Training
Provide best service and products assortment for best price and after sales services
Annual leave
1. All employee are eligible to annual leave after completing 9 months
2.The annual leave entitlement which an employee is eligible for will 30 days
3. An employee will not be granted an annual vacation period during the 100 day probation period
4. An employee is entitled to accumulate his/her annual leave entitlement for a maximum of two years
Sick Leave
1. An employee who has been absent on sick leave must complete and submit a sick leave form accompanied by a medical certificate from a recognized medical institution to the Line Manager
Pilgrimage leave (Hajj)
1. Muslim employees who have completed at least two years in the Company are entitled to 21 days of paid leave to perform Hajj, on the condition that such leave is only taken once during their employment at the Company.

2. Pilgrimage leave is a fully paid leave and will not count towards any other periods of leave.

Compassionate leave
1. If an employee’s first or second degree relative dies, the employee will be entitled to compassionate leave of three days with full pay.
2. If the spouse of a Muslim female dies, she will be entitled to four months and ten days of fully paid leave in order to observe the ‘Al-Uddah’ period.
3. - If the spouse of a non-Muslim female dies, she will be entitled to 21 days of fully paid leave.
Official Working Hours and Public Holidays
1. Official working hours at the Company Head Office are from 07:30 to 17:30, Sunday to Thursday, and includes a lunch break of one hour.

2. The store staff employed at NSC shall NOT follow the Headquarters’ working hours (i.e. 07:30 to 17:30). Working hours applicable to store staff shall vary depending on the store work timings and schedules.

3. During the Holy Month of Ramadan, working hours are shortened
according to the HR announcement .

Public holidays

Number of days off
Hijra New Year 1 day
Al-Israa’ and Al-Mi’raj 1 day
Eid Al Fitr 3 days
Waqfat Arafat 1 day
Eid Al-Adha 3 days
Prophet’s Birthday 1 day
National day 1 day
Liberation day 1 day
Gregorian New Year 1 day


15 days with 100% paid
10 days with 75% paid
10 days with 50% paid
10 days with 25% paid
30 days unpaid
Is a method by which the job performance of an employee is evaluated and documented

Performance appraisals are a part of career development and consist of regular reviews of employee performance within organizations

Performance Appraisal
1. Every employee in the company is responsible for his/ her own action and must abide by the policies and the code of conduct.

2. Every employee is subject to the rules and regulations of the Company and if an employee violates any of the Company’s rules or regulations voluntarily or through carelessness, he/she will be subject to disciplinary action.

3. In all instances, no disciplinary action will be taken against an employee unless an adequate investigation has been conducted and an employee has been given a chance to prove his/her innocence.

4. If following an investigation, disciplinary action is deemed necessary, sanctions will be implemented as per the table of penalties or through a progressive disciplinary action and all steps short of dismissal will be explored, prior to dismissing an employee on the grounds of repeated misconduct

Employee Relation
- Every new employee shall be subject to a probationary period of employment, which is 100 working days excluding all the sick leaves and unpaids, in accordance with the Kuwait or applicable local labor law and employment regulations.

- During an employee’s probation period, neither the Company nor an employee has to provide notice if either party wishes to terminate the employment contract.

Performance Appraisal results are key inputs for:

Training needs
Development plans
Merit increments
Succession plans

The cut of date for the salary is 20th of each month so NSC staff must submit all salary related reports by maximum of 20th or any earlier date determined by HR Dept. without fail in order to process the Salaries on time.

All transactions (Vacation Rejoins/Leave request (Personal/Exceeded time off)/Transfers…) should be entered in MenaME and the sick leaves must be submitted to the HR dept.

Compensation and Benefits
Annual Air Tickets
All employees are eligible for two way air tickets, in accordance with the following policy
Grades Eligibility Period Destination
G6 to G2 Self & Family Per Annum Not more than KD. 180/ticket
G7 Self only Per Annum Not more than KD. 120/ticket
G8 to G12 & CT Self only Every 2 years Not more than KD. 120/ticket

Learning and Development
The Company is committed to providing learning and development opportunities to all its employees to facilitate personal as well as professional development, and encourages its employees to enhance their behavioral and develop their techno-functional skills and competencies to enable them to progress within the Company and reach their full potential.
Professional training includes theoretical and practical courses provided to an employee to:
1. Develop his/her knowledge and skills.
2. Enhance his/her abilities.
3. Increase his/her productivity and efficiency.

Some of our Brand "LOGOS"

- The Company offers a discount for employees at Company outlets

- All staffs and immediate family members are entitled to 25% discount on all apparel & footwear merchandise and 10 % discount on sports equipment at any NSC store.

- Staff member should be present while availing the discount, and must present NSC employee Badge/Card.

- Staff discount is not available during sale period
Staff Discount
Achievement commission is payable to branch staff only, on quarterly basis, against met target of the branch, as per the company policies

Employees working at all departments other than wholesale or store operations, may be eligible to bonus, based on their performance & achievement of set targets.

Organization Structure
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