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Untitled Prezi

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Yousef Redha

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Germany Britain France United States Egypt Italy Japan Poland Russia North Africa Invasion of Poland (September 1, 1939): Hitler invades Poland using a Blitzkrieg attack of dive bombers and tanks. Poland falls within two days. Hitler annexes the remaining territory. Italian defenses were crumbled and Italy severely weakened in 1940 This paved the way for complete dominance over Europe in 1940 July 10
Gave the Nazi’s power through fear and this lead to the Nazi’s dominance in central europe in 1940 (September 3, 1939) Britain and France declare war on Germany.
By defeating the Nazis Russia was able to abolish the dominance the Nazis held over the war. 1943 A large scale air battle between the German Luftwaffe (air weapon) and the Royal air force lasted 3 months. Britain and France declared war on Germany as a result, signaling the start of WWII. Germany’s quick victory showed its strength and foreshadowed the victory that it would win over France a short time later. Started a chain reaction. Italy switched sides because
they wanted to be with the
stronger side A decisive victory for Britain
This marked a first defeat for the Nazi’s and this dispelled misconceptions of German air superiority. After the Nazi's lost the war
Russia took all their land back Nazi got a lot of power because they got really
mad and wanted everything no one could of
stopped them France was weak in front of Germany
so they gave up and the nazis took control The Soviet’s drive out the Nazis. The Nazi’s were forced into a total retreat this severely weakened them making the Nazi’s vulnerable for a attack by the Soviet army. Marks the involvement of Italy in the war France surrenders to Germany
British drive Italian army out of Egypt
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