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what key psychological influences could result in a woman committing child murder?


katie craven

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of what key psychological influences could result in a woman committing child murder?

What key psychological influences could result in a woman committing child murder? My EPQ project: Evaluation What? Nature/Nurture Conclusion What have I
learnt? Why did I choose to
complete an
extended project? It would be great
for university Psychology is a subject
which I am extremely passionate about! The topic of criminality
has always fascinated me. Prisoners Serial Killers Murder Kidnap Since beginning to study Psychology at AS level, I have become greatly interested in how the mind of a criminal works. Nature/Nurture Will the abused
become the abuser? Mad or bad? Psychology degree "We welcome the introduction of the Extended Project and would encourage you to undertake one as it will help you develop independent study and research skills and ease the transition from school/college to higher education." 1. Broad research in order to
narrow down topic area Books Internet Television Library "Women who kill children" 2. Emailed several professionals in the field 3. Watched television
documentaries Cambridge University 5. Read relevant issues of The Psychology Review 6. Read newspaper articles Made detailed notes came to supported conclusions By Katie Craven Why? How? 'Why women kill' Munchausen by Proxy syndrome Child abuse Approximately 30% of abused
children will become abusers
themselves Mental illness Male partner Who? Myra Hindley Pauline Reade, 16 John Kilbride, 12
Lesley Anne Downey, 10 Edward Evans, 17
Keith Bennet, 12 Childhood Conviction Sent to Holloway prison in
1966 for the murders of
Lesley Anne Downey and
Edward Evans. .Encouraged by father
to be violent .“go and punch him, because
if you don’t I’ll leather you.
It’s either him or you!” Ian Brady .Kept a diary of her
contact with Ian .“what you have to understand about
Myra; is that when she falls in love
with somebody, turns her beam on
them, she becomes like them.”
Patricia Cairns .Brady very violent and
controlling towards Myra .Threatened that if she would
have backed out, he would
have killed her Beverley Allitt Inferior .Sister passed 11+
.Not many friends
.Overweight Attention .Excessively demanded
attention .Pathological liar .Illness .By the time her two years
training had come to an end,
she had taken off a total of
one hundred and twenty six
sick days and in the last year
had in excess of fifty visits
to the doctor. Children .Babysitting .Mothered her younger brother .Control Liam Taylor, 7 weeks Timothy Hardwick, 11 years Becky Phillips, 2 months Claire Peck, 15 months Munchausen .Started as Munchausen .Feigned and exaggerated illness .Developed into Munchausen by Proxy Rosemary West 'House of Horrors' Abuse . Household physical abuse .Father's sexual abuse Eldest son Andrew said of Bill “He would take pleasure in punching me in the stomach” Childhood .Rose did not learn how to nurture from her parents .Grew up unaware of what a loving
relationship is Crimes .Rosemary was convicted in 1995 Charged with the murders of 10 victicms including
her own daughter. .Now occupies a private room at HMP Low Newton Committed crimes along with husband, Fred West .Strongly supports nurture argument .Many influential factors Partners -Strong influence Myra Hindley In my opinion, would not have
proceeded to kill without Ian Brady Rosemary West Fred West did have an evident impact,
however Rose killed one victim alone "Rose West was more evil and depraved
than her husband Fred and played the
leading role in their slayings" Mental Ilnesses .Seem to be the main factor which causes a sufferer to kill However... Although these factors appear to contribute
towards the act of murder, it is evident that not all who are affected proceed to kill children. Combination of at least
two factors Rose West 1st factor - childhood abuse 2nd factor - Fred West Myra Hindley 1st factor - abuse, rejection 2nd factor - Ian Brady Beverley Allitt 1st factor - attention, Munchausen 2nd factor - career in nursing .Time management .How to reference .Researching 4. Visited internet sites Difficulties .Sticking to the question What changes
would I make? .More specific question .Time allowed for
research Answered the original question well
however... Thank you for listening!
Do you have any questions?
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