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Modern life & Life in past

No description

shaimaa khaled

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Modern life & Life in past

Modern life & life in the past
In the past, entertainment was provided by people who were close by. This included dancers and storytellers. Today, entertainment comes in many ways, from movies, to tablets, to smartphones. It is very easy to see what people in other countries are watching and listening to.
Today, there are so many people who have cars. For those who don't , we have taxis and buses. Before, people used camels or walked. People still do that today but it is far less common, unless you live in the desert.
One of the biggest changes from the past is our technology. Today, we can search on the internet and find so much information. Technology helps us in others ways, too, such as TV appliances,and computers to help us do work.
while there are still many places where we can get traditional food, it is now very easy to get food from other countries and cultures. In the past, people could only eat what they could grow themselves or maybe some things from nearby places.
Now, you do not have to go very far to get food that people eat all over the world.
There are many things that are different now than they were in the past. All you have to do is walk down the street of any city - big or small - and you could point out a lot of things that have changed.
Four of the main things that will be maintain in this presentation :
Things are very different now than they were in the past. So much has changed since people lived in the past. We see it every day but we do not realize it because we are so used to it. It would be interesting to have someone from the past see what things are like now. What what that person think?
Presented by: Shaimaa Khaled

Teacher: Nahid
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