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Career Cluster

Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

Kevin Guenthner

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Career Cluster

Arts, A/V Technology & Communications There are two main areas in Arts/
A/V Technology & Communications.
The first is of course the Arts. This
includes Performing and Visual Arts
such as and Actor or an Artist. Careers in the Performing
Arts or Visual Arts challenge students’ creative talents. The second area is Audio-Video Technology & Communications. Careers in this area include an Audio-Visual Technician or a Camera Operator. Pathways Audio and Video
Technology and Film Journalism and
Broadcasting Performing Arts Telecommunications Visual
Arts Printing Technology Manufacture, sell, rent, design,
install, integrate, operate and
repair the equipment of
communications. Reporters and journalists gather
information, prepare stories and
make broadcasts that inform us
about current events. Careers included: -Bookbinder
-Desktop Publisher
-Graphic Designer
-Printing Press Operator
-Website Designer A visual artist creates either paintings, sculptures or illustrations to convey certain ideas or feelings. Telecommunications focuses
on the interaction between
computer and communications
equipment. This pathway includes a groups
involved in theatrical and musical
performances such theatrical
production companies and
lighting and stage crews. Thanks for listening!!
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