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How To Play Manhunt

No description

Evonne Quintal

on 29 June 2011

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Transcript of How To Play Manhunt

# 1

Select an area appropriate for the number of players. A quarter of an acre per player is a practical guide. Things You'll Need

* Dark Or Camoflage Clothing
* Running Shoes
* Batteries
* Timers
* Binoculars
* Air Horns
* Flashlights # 2

Establish boundaries. 3

Establish a signal for the hunt to begin # 4

Choose whether you wish to start with a single hunter or two or three hunters for a large group. # 5

Choose a time delay for players to hide before the hunt begins. # 6

Select a method for tagging players. Either the hunter tags players or just calls out their names and hiding places. Playing the Game

* 1
Give all hunted players a set amount of time to run and hide.

* 2
Signal the start of the hunt.

* 3
Begin searching the area if you are a hunter.

* 4
Become a new hunter if you are found.

* 5
End the game when all hidden players have been found.
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