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Long-Haul Tourism

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Nathan Davies

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Long-Haul Tourism

Long-haul tourism
climates P,M
The safety of tourists can be at risk from many different areas. most parts of the world are affected by the ongoing terrorist activities and in certain countries in Africa such as Somalia rebel uprisings are becoming dangerous. The FCO can highlight places in the world that tourists should not travel to such as the Ukraine in recent months.
This has deterred people from traveling to certain areas of the country under threat from Attacks causing tourism in the area to plummet. It can also affect travel by increasing the number
Health restrictions P,M
Entry requirements
Before entering a country certain documentation is needed such as a passport. Visas and vaccination certificates are also needed to enter any country . If you do not have a passport or any other entry requirements then you will be turned away and sent home. This affects travel to the USA because it can be a complicated proses which takes a long time and costs money.
This can deter people from traveling to far away countries. It can also encourage tourism because of the safety that it provides which many people are comforted by.
In Canada, Winters are very harsh due to their position in the north. Tourists need to be aware of the seasonal changes before they visit Canada as they may find that the area that they are visiting has been buried in snow. blizzards are common in this region which can disrupt flights to and from the area. The effect of this extreme weather is that the country suffers from poor tourism numbers until the danger has passed.
This weather can also have a positive impact on the tourism numbers as many scientific researchers and wildlife experts come top see the unique habitats in this area of the world
Time zones P,M
When you travel around the world you cross through many different time zones. for example our timezone is called british summer time and Greenwich mean time. Time zones in Australia are more than 8 hours in front of us and there are effects of traveling this far. Jet lag is one effect of long haul tourism and can catch your body clock off guard making you exhausted and tired in some cases and unable to sleep in others. due to the different timezones you can set out for Australia in the evening and arrive just before sunset. There are also timezone changes when traveling east to west but time is added onto GMT which also causes Jet lag.
This can affect tourism to long haul destinations because of the time you have to spend recovering from the after effects. This can decrease the number of flights booked to far away places. Another affect that this can have on tourism is the fact that bit hard to communicate with loved ones if they are 8 hours ahead of you deterring tourists from going to long haul destinations decreasing numbers.
Safety P,M
seasonality P,M
When planning a long-haul holiday then you need to be aware of the seasonal changes in other countries. for example if you leave Britain in the middle of winter to go to Australia then you will find that they are in the middle of summer. Visitors need to be aware of the hemisphere in which their destination is located.
This affects travel because people want to travel to Australia during the coolest time of the year to avoid the heat causing visitor numbers to plummet during their summer. People from cooler countries also want to travel during the summer time so that they can have a holiday in the sun.
Social situations P,M
When you are considering where to go on holiday you may not want to travel to an area that has been stricken by poverty and filled with slums. It would be hard to enjoy your relaxing vacation if you know that miles away there are people barely surviving. This is very prominent in Brazil as many slums surround high value hotels this affects travel to these places because many people are put off by the sight of people in slums when on holiday.
Tourism can also benefit from the poverty struck areas because of charity workers and aid workers coming to this country to give help to people living in slums improving tourist numbers.
Long haul tourism
Long haul tourism refers to long distance travels taken by people visiting other country's or continents and the risks that accompany them.
To access some countries you need vaccinations for certain diseases such as typhoid and yellow fever. The avian influenza outbreak in 2009 deterred travelers to china because of the risk that you could get infected. Travelers should be aware of the risks and the differences in culture when visiting certain countries for example,don't show large amounts of money in areas of poverty. Also the recent knife attacks(6 may) at a chinese train station have left people in shock which has made people wary when traveling to this country.
This affects travel to this area because the risks of attacks and diseases makes people want to stay in their home country as they believe it to be safe. It also affects travel because some of the borders into countries can be blocked because of the risks which can deter people from visiting that country for the rest of their lives.
over the past 5 years the Philippines was subject to one of the larges recorded tropical cyclones ever on November 8, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan. This typhoon devastated most of the Philippine coastline making it unsafe fro tourists to travel there. tourists should be aware of the dangers of traveling to this country as another storm could strike at any moment this is due to extreme climates. This has led to travel restrictions being put in place making it impossible to travel to some parts of the islands due to damages. Another factor affecting the Philippines is east to west timezone change which could be up to 7 hours between the UK and the Philippines. This could cause jet lag and deep bone thrombosis which travelers should be aware of.
This has had a major impact on the tourism numbers to the Philippians as many are turned away by international authorities telling them that they cannot enter the country. The typhoon also destroyed many hotels and only 32 of them survive making it impossible for any tourists to stay their for a long period of time. reports from popular resorts have come in which say that there has been a cancellation rate of 30-40 percent since the storm hit damaging the economy of the area.
The USA has recently been subject to terrorist attacks at the Boston marathon on April 15, 2013 which left three dead and hundreds injured. These bombings have affected tourism in the area as it has deterred people from visiting due to the risk of terrorism. This has increased border controls and airport security across the country.
This affects tourism to this country because people are frightened that another terrorist attack may happen causing people to cancel flights to this area of America. The border control staff and airport security is getting stricter due to these attacks deterring people from visiting America in case they are stopped and arrested by the police. closing airports and hotels being shut down means that tourism was almost impossible at that time and many tourists traveled home after hearing about the bombs. this has left the country in a state of shock and decreasing tourism numbers causing the economy to be hit hard. Tourists were warned about the bomb blasts and told to stay away.Managing director of USairtours Guy Novik said: “In our experience of similar events in the past, such as the Oklahoma bombing, it is inevitable there will be a temporarily lull in bookings to that region and other parts of the US. Until there is more information, people will delay booking.”
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