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Engelska 5

No description

Tim Koch

on 21 August 2017

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Transcript of Engelska 5

English 5
Course introduction
The ability to express oneself and communicate in English in speech and writing.

Understanding of spoken and written English, and also the ability to interpret content.
Literature, fictional and non-fictional, news articles, films etc.
The ability to discuss and reflect on living conditions, social issues and cultural features in different contexts and parts of the world where English is used.
The ability to use different language strategies in different contexts and the ability to adapt language to different purposes, recipients and situations.
Why do we need English?
Well, here's an example...
Another example of what might happen if you don't understand English...
So, what will this course in English include?
So... your very first written assignment in English class is to write a short text about your
feelings at this moment

I want to know what goes through your mind right now, after having roughly 45 minutes of English at Rudbeck?

What are your expectations on this course?
What's your opinion on English as a subject and as a language?
Is there something you would like me to know about you and your situation?

Tim Koch
Email: tikoc_s@edu.sollentuna.se
Room: M118
Writing different text types (Narrative, argumentative, discursive, instructive...)
Speaking in different situations (Discussions, presentations, speeches...)
Culture project
Watching speeches
And lots of other things...
Mid-course test
At the halfway point of the course (Reading, listening and writing).
National test
Towards the end of the course (Reading, listening, writing and speaking).
Things to have in mind...
Google Drive
Feedback document
Bring your material to class every time (Charged iPad, paper, pencil, books etc...)
English at all times! I promise you, it'll be worth it!
If you're late, wait outside until I let you in...
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