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Legacy Project

No description

Daniel Gomez Quijas

on 2 May 2017

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Transcript of Legacy Project

Time Capsule
1. Viola
My instrument thought me discipline. I would like someone in the future to find it so they could see how wood instruments like the viola used to be.
Theme Song
Avatar by Doug Spata
Snapshot Memories
3. Samsung galaxy s
The galaxy s was my 1st phone. It brings back the memories of a phone that would stop working when I needed it the most. I would like someone to find it so they can see how smart phones use to be.

1. Soccer cleats
I rely on them to play soccer. They bring back good memories. I would like someone in the future to find them so they can see the evolution of soccer cleats through out the years.
Snapshot Memories
My uncles graduation showed me how after a long journey of studying and hard work payed off. His graduation inspired me to keep on working hard for my life goals.

My first time giving a church special with my sister. That Saturday morning we were really nervous, but we managed to make a good presentation.
Senior Legacy Project by Daniel Gomez Quijas
My Grandparents
My grandparents have all ways shown me the right path.
My parents
Both my Dad and
my Mom have thought
me to be honest and humble.
My sister
My sister has all ways been there to support me but most importantly she thought me patience
My uncles
Both of my uncles have
Shown me to work hard for my dreams and to never give up.
For me the biggest decision I ever made was deciding what career I wanted to pursue. Now that I have my mind set on becoming a Neurosurgeon I will try my hardest to not only achieve it, but to become the best at it.
Biggest Decision
Before I leave here...
Before I leave Langham Creek I
want to thank all my teachers for helping me become who I am.
What Next?
Twenty years from now I
hope to have a job in a hospital. I would also hope to have my own family and house.
One piece of advice I would give to myself as ninth grader would be to take more AP/DC classes that would help me save money for college.
I chose this piece because it reminds me of the weeks
it took me to be able to play it. I also chose it because just like the melody goes around the orchestra shaping
the piece there are different moments in our lives that end up shaping us.
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