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Banquets 101


David White

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of Banquets 101

i am "___________"
This is the department responsible for turning a meeting planners event needs into an actionable plan. This plan results in the creation of a BEO (Banquet Event Order) which covers Menu, times and any special details.

Other departments rely on the BEO to properly execute to the meeting planners expectations.
Banquets 101
Gaylord Palms
Gaylord National
Gaylord Texan
Gaylord Opryland
i am Opryland
i am Convention Services
i am a Server
Today's Agenda
Our Company
Review our Culture
Where do we fit in
History and Purpose of Banquets
Department Tour
How to Set a Table
Plated Basics
Buffet Basics
Service Training

Gaylord Culture
STARS Acronym
Service Basics
STAR Guarantee
STAR employees delivering flawless service to customers seeking meeting, convention and leisure experiences.
1. i Look everyone in the eyes and smile
2. i Speak first and last
3. i Look sharp
4. i Know my stuff
5. i Discover and delight
6. i Make it right
At Gaylord Hotels, we are committed to providing our STARS with the support and resources necessary to offer flawless service in an environment that fosters fun, encourages open communication and development and upholds our values.
with a PASSION
Food & Beverage
Convention Services (CS)
Michael O'Connor
Dir. of Convention Services
Front Desk
Bell Services
Call Center
Celebrity Services
Old Hickory
Starlight Cafe
In Room Dining
Human Resources
Loss Prevention
Pete Weien
General Manager
Dir. of Food and Beverage
Dir. of Rooms Division
Steven Pidgley
Dir. of Human Resources
Theresa Dileo
Dir. of Loss Prevention
Webb Rizor
Dir. of Engineering
Monty Allsbrook
Dir. of IT
Kevin Culp
Dir. of Finance & Accounting
John Schick
History and Purpose of Convention Services
To provide convention and meeting space and services to companies and organizations with a variety of needs and expectations.
Purpose of Convention Services
The Opryland Hotel was a meeting hotel from its beginning in 1977. At that time, the Tennessee Ballroom was the largest ballroom and the Magnolia Mezzanine was the only meeting area. Once the opportunity to grow into a convention sized hotel was recognized, we repeatedly expanded to our current size as the largest non-gaming convention hotel in America.
History of Convention Services at Opryland
Group Catering -
This is the part of the catering team that works with larger groups. (over 200 Room nights)
This team
works with groups under 200 room nights.
(Executive Meetings)-
Local Social
These are the caterers that plan special events such as weddings, proms, military balls and family reunions.
Mike Stengel
Sr. VP of Gaylord Hotels
Conference Coordinators
AKA as Teal Coats, this team acts as the liaison between the hotel and each meeting planner for all groups holding functions on property.This team is led by Coby Deckard.
Conference Set up
Responsible for setting up tables and chairs for meeting and convention events. They also handle meeting equipment for events not involving food; which includes linen, water service and cleanup.
As a team Stewards are responsible for distribution and upkeep of all equipment. They deliver all food for banquet events as well providing before and washing it afterward. Broken equipment is also repaired by this department.
Walter Brown, Director
Executive Chef, Matt Foreman's team is responsible for creating innovative menus for catering and preparing spectacular meals for banquet events.
There are 3 Banquet Kitchens:
Garde Manger (Cold Kitchen)
Hot Kitchen (aka Delta Kitchen)
Pastry Shop
The Banquet department has been an integral part of Opryland since the hotel opened its doors in 1977. From a small roadside hotel to the first class convention and meeting property that we are today, our department has made a significant impact of the growth of the hotel.

Essentially Banquets exists to provide the necessity of food with the luxury of service to our guests attending conventions and meetings as well as special events for the public.
History and Purpose of Banquets
Dir. of Banquet Operations
Darryl Jackson
Banquet Manager
Brad Feffer
Amy Zawadzki
AM Floor
SAS & Scheduling
Emmanuel Joseph
PM Floor
Beverage &
David White
Sr. Captain
Training & Development
Mamdouh Ibrahim
Sr. Captain
Coffee Breaks
Waseem Shaker
Sr. Captain
Am Floor
Mike Minggia
Sr. Captain
Pm Floor
Lafayette Moore
Sr. Captain
AM Floor
Ramon Colon-Rodriguez
Sr. Captain
Banquet Support Teams
Captains- Aymen Hanna and Charles Baker
This area is responsible for supporting the functions from behind the scenes. These Stars gather the necessary equipment for each function as ordered by the captain. This equipment includes: buffet elevations, linen, napkins, setup trays, etc. Additionally these Stars work in the back hall assisting Captains with making water/iced tea for large functions and bread basket
Captain- Josh Taylor
This team of 8 Stars handles purchasing and maintaining all packaged food and non food items for our department. This includes buying everything we may need from milk for breakfast to chaffers and uniforms. They are also responsible for inventorying our products and equipment making sure that our functions are flawless.
Captain - Jessica Adams
The Scheduling office is responsible for scheduling STARS to all Banquet events. They must work closely with Catering to be sure they have the proper Banquet Event Orders (BEOs). They work hard to ensure that hours are as evenly distributed and days off are as balanced as possible for our STARS.
(STARs Assisting STARs)-
i am Banquets
2 Partners
All courses served at the table
Table service is paced with the room
Tables are set
No Partners on tables
Salad and Soup usually served by Servers at the Buffet
Food served from Buffet
Table service is paced according to the guest
Tables set or Rolled Silverware
Similar to Buffet but no place settings set
Sometimes timed before or after a meal
Encourages guests to mingle and network
Starts about 4:30am - 6:30am
Ends about 9:00am - 10:30am
Guest usually arrive on a flow getting heaviest traffic just before the end time
Heavy Coffee drinkers
Starts about 9:30am - 11:00am
Ends about 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Guest usually arrive all in one rush near the start time
Tightest meal period since guests are usually between meetings
Most Varied Meal period for timing
Most variety in selected menus
Usually has a Bar attached to the event
Usually uses closers
Clocking in
Signing in
Clock in at the Tennessee or Delta Time Clocks
You can clock in up to 7 minutes before your shift
1 minute after your shift you are tardy
Use your Red ID and Assigned finger
Find your captain as soon as you arrive to your room
Captain will sign you in for the time you arrived to the room
You will receive an instruction sheet with event information on it
Example Instruction Sheet
a Tablecloth
Prominent crease should be centered from head chair
Make sure table cloth is rightside up - seams down
All sides should hang freely - not bunched in chairs
No holes, stains or excessive wrinkles
Tablecloth should be even all the way around the bottom edge
1/2 inch from table edge
1/4 inch between all items
Top of Dinner fork tines line up with bottom of salad fork tines
Dessert and beverage utensils are above the salad and dinner utensils
Place setting is 1 knife length wide
B&B knife is parallel to the forks to its right
Coffee Handles are at 5 o'clock
Place condiments 12" above spoon
1 foot
2 feet
3 feet
10 Top
8 Top
Straighten chairs before you set anything!!!
9 Top
Plated Events
Salads are oriented according to the captains direction ("Tomato at 9 o'clock" or "cheese at 6 o'clock" for example)
Each course is released at the captains direction
Always serve bread with salad unless directed differently by the captain
Always serve ladies first at a table before serving men
Always remove from the right with the right hand
Always serve from the guests left with the left hand
Some items will be frenched which means it will be offered to each guest one at a time.
Frenched coffee is offered by taking a cocktail tray with empty cups and saucers to the table. Place a cup for each guest that wants coffee, then return with a coffee pot to fill the cup.
After each, course remove the silverware associated with that course
After entrees also remove the B&B plates, Salt and Pepper, and butter from the table
As soon as you get your first guest seated you are released from showtime
"Pop" the napkins for each guest as you greet them
Buffet Events
Buffet Stars will set the buffet according to the server instruction sheet
Sternos are lit 45 minutes before showtime
Round chaffers and soup terrines are filled with 1 pitcher of water
Square chaffers are filled with 1.5 pitchers of water
Guest use the same dinner plate that their salad was served on to continue through the buffet
Buffets will usually have action salad stations who greet and serve guests at the front of the buffet
When a food item has only 1/3rd of the food remaining change it for a fresh pan or dish
Go to the service hall to get a fresh pan before removing the original food
Buffets are opened at the captains direction
When the buffet is opened, open the chaffers and place the serving utensils in the food
Table servers will refill beverages and clear plates
All relevant plated service standards are the same for table STARS (popping napkins etc.)
When a buffet is closed, remove the plates first then remove the food second
Showtime is how we show our clients we are ready on time and to provide a WOW sense of arrival for our guests
Showtime is 15 minutes before the BEO start time
All servers must stand at their assigned area facing the guest entrance with a side tool/towel over their left arm
A side tool is an ivory napkin folded longways into 4ths (fold in half and then in half again)
Table STARS will stand as directed by the captain
Buffet STARS will stand in front of and behind their buffet (This means in front of the salad station)
Giving the Scenario
The scenario is our formal introduction to the guests and includes 5 important parts
Welcome the guest to the event
Reintroduce yourself and your partner
Recite the menu with mouth-watering detail
Point out the location of the restrooms
Ask "Are there any dietary restrictions or allergies I need to be aware of?"
All servers are responsible for doing scenarios!!!
Relay any special meals to your captain
The scenario should be given when you have 70% of your guests seated at the table
Beverage tray and tray jacks
Beverage trays are prepared during set-up and are kept in the back hall until service
You should only have 3 trayjacks per station, 1 for the beverage tray and 2 for serving and clearing
When placing tray jacks, always try to keep them 4 feet from the tables and out of the guests main walkways
Place extra glassware and napkins on the beverage tray (about 5 of each)
Service tray jacks will have 2 trays upside down and 1 tray right side up on top
Only place 4 pitchers at a time on the beverage tray
Leave room for 2 coffee pots on the tray but NEVER carry a tray with a coffee pot on it even if its empty!
Sheryl Chesnutt

Hotel Manager
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