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Uganda Genocide

No description

Dominique Diller

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Uganda Genocide

Overview Idi Amin wanted power People and Region Uganda Genocide Reason Local and International Reaction Hoped for the support of international governments Timeline and Facts/Figures 1972 - Amin orders Asians who were not Ugandan citizens-around 60,000 people- to leave the country Images By Christian Deguzman, Dominique Diller, and Kristian Shackman. Ms. Belier
Period 3
6/6/13 Victim group was powerless against the LRA and had no say in government. The power hungry Obote (led a group of rebels to go against Amin) and Amin (who became president of Uganda in 1971.) “Reign of Terror” Wanted to stay in power Uganda, Eastern Region of Africa, Tanzania Killed people who Idi Amin thought were a threat to his rule African leaders said they will create a military force to deal with coups, rebellions, and wars (pledged by South Africa, Uganda, and Ethiopia) 1972-73 - Uganda engages in border clashes with Tania 1976 - Idi Amin declares himself president for life and claims parts of Kenya. 1978 - Uganda invades Tanzania with view to annexing Kagera region. 1979 - Tanzania invades Uganda. 1980 - Binaisa overthrown by the army 1985 - Obote deposed in military coup and is replaced by Tito Okello 1986 - National Resistance Army rebels take Kampala Asians forced to leave in exile Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) Started the "Reign of Terror" Idi Amin in office January 25 1971 – April 11 1979 Genocide 1971 - 1979 LRA 1986-present Killed 300,000 people
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