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Case Study Of Drug Addiction

No description

Jouse valencia

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Case Study Of Drug Addiction

Case Study Of Drug Addiction
Lorraine Story

Her disorders
She drank alcohol during the day and at work.
She started to get anxiety and pain attacks.
She started to have blackouts and didn't realized it was a problem also she said that the best medicine what she knew to cure herself was alcohol.
Her parents started to get worried and her neighbors did also due to weird sounds coming from her house .
She set her house on fire and didn't even realized it had happened.
Lorraine Today
She hasn't had problems anymore with alcohol and she now has volunteer to help support other people who has problems with drugs and/or alcohol.
Her Treatment
She was put into medication (antabuse).
She had a key worker helping her to cope without alcohol.
She was engaged with the junction for around two and half year and she would crave alcohol but in her sessions she develop coping strategies.
Her anxiety had improved also her mood and her appetite and she could better without alcohol.
Lorraine's Background
Lorraine was introduced to alcohol at the age of seven.
During her childhood she was allowed to drink in most family events.
She was given a bottle of wine for her birthday by her so called "abuser" and her parents knew about her drinking at this age.
Work Cited
Lorraine. Lorraine:My Story.Mission Agency Ltd.2011.Web.Thursday, September 27.
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