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Vocabulary #1

No description

Ursula Peña

on 23 August 2016

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Transcript of Vocabulary #1

Vocabulary #1
Ursula peña Saa
Cell – The rectangular shaped area on a
worksheet that is created by the intersection
of columns and rows.
Cell Address – The name of the cell is
determined by the name of the row and the
column intersecting, such as A8.
Cell Grid – The lines on your worksheet
that separate the columns and rows.
Column – In a worksheet, the vertical
spaces with headings A, B, C, and so on.
Drag – When you move the mouse while
holding down the mouse button (usually the
left) to select a range of cells.
File – A document that is stored on your
computer. In Excel, a file is also known as a
Fill Down – A feature that allows you to
copy information in an active cell to another
cell or range of cells selected vertically.
Fill Right – A feature that allows you to
copy information in an active cell to another
cell or range of cells you have selected
Active Cell – The cell in your worksheet
that has been selected. It will have bolder
gridlines around it.
AutoFill – A feature that allows you to
quickly apply the contents of one cell to
another cell or range of cells selected.
AutoSum – A function that automatically
identifies and adds ranges of cells in your
Formula- A combination of numbers and
symbols used to express a calculation.
Formula Bar – A command line above the
worksheet where text, numbers, and formulas
are entered into a worksheet.
Function – A drop-down menu item and a
button on the standard toolbar that allows
you to select a formula that you wish to apply
to data in your worksheet.
Headings – The identifying letters and
numbers for columns and rows. Columns are
identified with letters, rows with numbers.
Label – The identifying name that reflects
the information contained in a column or row
in a worksheet, such as name or date.
Row – In a worksheet, the horizontal spaces
with the headings 1, 2, 3, and so on.
Sheet Tabs – Tabs you see at the bottom
of your workbook file, labeled Sheet 1, Sheet
2, and so on. You can rename the tabs. They
represent worksheets within the workbook.
Workbook – An Excel file that contains
individual worksheets. Also called a
spreadsheet file.
Worksheet – A “page” within an Excel
workbook that contains columns, rows, and
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