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Science: Shark Tooth Shovel

Ivana's&Nicole's science project :D

Ivana Jovicic

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Science: Shark Tooth Shovel

Timeline 2013 2009 2010 2011 2012 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Shark Tooth Shovel This is the flyer that
the company of Shark
Tooth Shovel has
made to advertise. Question 4a How can this product be made safer? Question 4b How can the product be
re-designed for people with special needs? The shovel can be re-designed for
people with disabilities and special
needs by adding a curved neck
making the shovel easier to lift for people with back problems, heart problems or other
disabilities. Question 4d Question 4e Shark Tooth Shovel
Science Product Supply The product can be made safer by adding extra hold and imprinted finger grips to the handle so people have a better grasp on it. Adding these things would lower chances of gloves slipping off of the handle and make holding the handle more comfortable. W e h o p e y o u e n j o y e d How can the product be made more cost-effective? To test the market we would first need a certain amount of shovels to see if the product will be profitable. Then if many people like the shovel we will make more.

We would have the machine manufacture thousands of shovels each winter so the product is not considered rare and the supply and demand is even. When a product is rare the cost increases for it becomes valuable. At the same time we would like to make a certain amount of shovels for each winter because it brings hype and more sales. ! Question 4c By: Ivana and Nicole This shows an example of how the finger grips would look like. How can the shovel be made more ergonomic? How can the shovel be made more environmentally friendly? Additions to the Shovel Benefits Rubber on the handle The shovel can be made more environmentally friendly by using materials that are recyclable.
As well, it can be made more eco-friendly by using less damaging materials. Safety factor Imprinted finger grips Comfort factor A curved neck Leverage (easier to lift) Extendable neck Comfort factor Light weight material Easier to pick up Has extra strong
edges/teeth Stops snow from overflowing, and leaving a trail Sponsored by Prezi :) 5HOVEL5 Demand When the supply is lower, then
the demand is higher making
the price increase, therefore
to make the product more
cost-effective we would have
to make the supply and demand even.
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